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Doggie Day Fair 2

2008 PAWS Scaredy Cats and Dogs

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Oh my. I’m super late again in posting 😛 Sorry about that. I totally forgot to post about the Halloween event at Eastwood City last November 25. Seriously. The photos have been up in my Flickr account but I keep on forgetting to blog about it 😛

Congratulations to PAWS for the wonderful event! Shantee didn’t win (my dog was bitter, but don’t mind her, she likes the limelight a little too much!), but it was so much fun nonetheless. Next year, I swear I’ll prepare for this! I’ve been so busy with the preparations for our subdivision’s trick or treat that I didn’t have time to make Shantee a costume. Didn’t really matter, my dog loved having her photo and video taken so much that she didn’t seem to mind her costume 😛 She just loved it whenever cameras were pointed at her 😀

If you can’t view the photo slideshow, you can just visit the photo set I have in Flickr.

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