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Doggie Day Fair 2

Wagtales: A social media app for dog-lovers!

Can’t believe it’s been almost two years since my last blog post. I think I got lazy leading up to 2016, but from then on till now? I just didn’t have the heart to blog here. I’ve lost Kubrick, Pinoy Dog-Lover’s unofficial poster furboy, and it’s been hard. I can’t bring myself to blog about it yet—the pain is still fresh even after a year—but I’ll get there.

I’d like to jump-start this blog again, and give it a whole new look. My new design and branding for Pinoy Dog-Lover is long overdue. I lost the will to finish it when Kubrick passed away. Perhaps now, I’ll be able to—it has been a year, after all.

In the meantime, let me feature something new for you dog-lovers out there: Wagtales, a new mobile app made specifically for dog-lovers in the Philippines. Continue Reading

Arf Arf & Meow Meow

Let’s begin 2015 with an event announcement! Our student friends from De La Salle University – Manila came up with a fundraising event for our favorite animal welfare organization, CARA Welfare Philippines.

What: Arf Arf & Meow Meow: A charity event for the benefit of CARA Welfare Philippines
When: May 24, 2015 (Sunday) 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Where: CityWalk 2, Eastwood City (in front of Nike and beside Zark’s)


The proceeds of the Php100 entrance fee will go to our furry friends at CARA Welfare. Expect lots of fun activities and contests for you and your pet, informative talks and raffle prizes. They will be looking for the Cutest Pet, the Happiest Face, and more, so be sure that your pet comes in his/her best!

Since the event is in Eastwood City, please don’t forget to secure your Pet Pass at the Concierge (near the entrance of Eastwood Mall). You must bring your pet’s updated vaccination records and his/her 1×1 photo for your pet’s ID (I gave them a printout on glossy paper of Kubrick’s adorable ID pic, and they accepted it!).

See you on Sunday! 🙂

PETrified Halloween Costume Contest

Sooo… It’s that time of the year again, when we get to dress up our pets, have fun and help animals-in-need at the same time. This year, CARA Welfare Philippines and Eastwood City brings you PETrified Halloween Costume Contest!


You know the drill. Dress up your pet with the most creative Halloween costume you can think of, pay the joining fee of Php250 (which will serve as your donation to CARA), and strut your stuff for the judges! Continue Reading

Philippine Pet Fiesta 2014

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Finally, an event held right at our own backyard! Well, not exactly. We exaggerate. But Vista Verde is near us. 🙂

Check this out:



For more information, visit the Philippine Pet Fiesta website or Like their page on Facebook.

PAMA Glow Fun Run 2014

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I always loved fun runs with my Kubrick. Unfortunately, most doggie fun runs are usually held during the summer, where mornings are scorching hot and not really friendly for my running buddy. That’s not the case with PAMA Glow Fun Run, because this fun dog-human running tandem will be held at night.

PAMA Glow Run 2014

The Philippine Alaskan Malamute Association Inc. (PAMA), in cooperation with Venice Piazza and McKinley Hill, brings you the PAMA Glow Fun Run 2014, to be held on Sunday, 25 May 2014, at the Venice Piazza Grounds, McKinley Hill, Taguig City. Call time for runners is 5PM.

Kubrick and I are looking forward to this one! It’s going to be fun to watch all those “glow blings” with their pets 🙂 I’m honestly torn between staying in the sidelines and taking pictures in the dark, but I also want Kubrick to have a bit of fun and join the run. Either way, we’ll definitely be there! 🙂 Continue Reading

Make way for Waggin’ Tails!

Yays! Another pet event coming soon for you, dog-lovers! Aside from being another great way to raise funds for our favorite organization, CARA Welfare Philippines and their lovable Pit Bull rescues, the event will feature fun events like the agility play corner, pet caricature, face painting, vet consultation, and a dog spa. There will be talks and parlor games, guaranteed to make the Sunday with your pet so much fun!

Waggin’ Tails will be on Sunday, 23 March 2014 from 1pm – 6pm at the West Wing of Bonifacio High Street. Free entrance! You will just need to register in order to participate. Continue Reading

UP JMA Doggie Day Fair 2

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Take a look at the first pet event we’re supporting this year! I know we promised less announcements in our blog, but how can we resist supporting an event in which CARA Welfare Philippines is a beneficiary? Of course, we can’t. 🙂

Hope you’ll give your support too. Details after the jump!

Doggie Day Fair 2
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We’re still alive and kicking!

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Yep, that’s right. We are still very much alive folks. Our account was compromised last month (the watch dog must have been asleep when it happened), and it took a while before I finally had the heart to re-install everything wiped out during the cleanup. As you can see, there still might be some missing stuff on the sidebar, but please don’t mind them. I’m hoping to fix the entire blog soon.

I initially wanted to be ready with the new theme before I installed the old one at the start of the year, but well, life happened 🙂

There will be some changes around here (content-wise, especially), so do keep coming back for updates! The redesign might not happen anytime soon, but we’ll definitely make some changes on the editorial side. Frankly, I’ve been getting tired of blogging only about events. Don’t get me wrong, my dogs and I LOVE the events. But I miss the kind of blogging I did back in the early days of Pinoy Dog-Lover — just everything and anything about my pets, nothing else. So yep, you’ll be seeing more of them this year!

Please do Like our Page on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram, and interact with us on Twitter. It’s so nice to be back! 🙂


Doggie Fun Fair Year 2 is here!

If you’ve been to last year’s Doggie Fun Fair, you’ll remember how fun it was. If you’ve missed it, never fear! Doggie Fun Fair: Manila’s Biggest Dog Festival Year 2, will be held this coming Sunday, 24 November 2013 at the Globe Circuit Grounds in Makati from 9AM to 5:30PM.

We’ve actually posted about the event already in the Pinoy Dog-Lover Facebook page, but in case you haven’t seen the poster yet, here you go!

Doggie Fun Fair: Manila’s Biggest Dog Festival Year 2, happening this NOVEMBER 24, 2013 at GLOBE CIRCUIT GROUNDS MAKATI from 9:00am- 5:30pm. Brought to you by Petlovers Closet and Online Philippines Corporation. Beneficiaries will include CARA Welfare Philippines. This is an annual event where dog lovers all over the country, fly over Manila to enjoy, unite and spread the advocacy of responsible pet ownership in the Philippines. An event where even non- dog lovers learned to appreciate and love dogs.

Definitely a must-attend event for all families, friends and collegues! Enjoy great fun and excitement as you play frisbee with your dogs around the wide field of the event grounds, shop til you drop for your dog’s clothes, beds and necessities. Enjoy a variety of cuisines from food stalls and food trucks! Listen to knowledgeable speakers as they give us FREE informative talks about dog training, pet first aid, dog health issues and many more services for your furbabies.

For only Php75 per person (regardless of how many dogs you’ll be bringing),  attendees or  the attendees’ pets can get the following at Doggie Fun Fair:

✔ FREE Dry and Wet Grooming
✔ Pet First Aid for emergency
✔ FREE Deworming
✔ Raffle Contest, WIN Prizes!
✔ FREE Blood Tests
✔ Support Beneficiaries
✔ FREE Dog Training Consultation
✔ IN THEIR PAWS Fashion Show
✔ FREE Veterinary Consultation
✔ Talent Contest, time to show- off!
✔ FREE Pet Blessing
✔ Meet& Greet w/ Dog Groups
✔ FREE Photobooth
✔ Family Games, bond with your dog.
✔ FREE Rabies Vaccination
✔ Shop til you Drop! Bring Cash!
✔ FREE Informative Talks
✔ Food Trip! Leave w/ a happy tummy

A part of this event will be a PAW-shion Show, with the theme: In Their Paws, wherein humans will be dressed as their dogs as their dogs will be dressed like their owners. If we were in our dog’s paws, how would we want to be treated? Want to join as a Fashion Contestant? Click Here to Register as a Fashion Contestant

CLICK HERE to watch the Post- Video Coverage from Last Year’s Doggie Fun Fair.The attendees really had a BLAST! (that’s why we’re bringing it back this year!)


Dog Tales with CARA

Here’s a little something for book-loving dog-lovers!

CARA Welfare Philippines is holding a book sale for the benefit of its rescues and animal welfare programs on Saturday, 9 November 2013, from 6PM to 1AM at Mercato Centrale in Bonifacio Global City. The books are pre-loved and ready for new owners. But best of all, you can get the titles at low, low prices! The fun part? You get to help out CARA while satisfying the bookworm in you 🙂

There will be a magic show and a bake sale. You might also want to say hello to the CARA volunteers — they’d be more than willing to tell you all about the organization and how you can help.

Dog Tales with CARA

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