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Doggie Day Fair 2

A breed unnoticed: The Philippine “Askal”

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It seems that the Shih Tzu breed is becoming quite a trend with dog owners lately. Just go to pet-friendly shopping centers like Eastwood City and Tiendesitas—you’ll see them everywhere. A few years ago, it was the Labrador Retriever popular in homes. That makes me wonder… Will there ever come a time when our very own native dog gain popularity among dog owners?

Tootie, our female askal

The native dog, commonly called the “askal” (a colloquial shortcut for “asong kalye,” which translates to “dog from the streets”), are usually looked down upon. Worse, they usually get intentionally run down by merciless drivers or taken to slaughter houses to be put to death and later eaten. Some people think they’re expendable since they don’t have pedigrees worth thousands of pesos. Heck, even some breeders who claim to be “dog lovers” look down upon the native dogs.

They may not have pedigrees to boast about, but native dogs are as smart and as loyal as any other dog breed.

Spike, our dog pack‘s alpha male, is a native dog. He’s been with us for more than 10 years already, and I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said he’d die for us if he had to. Spike is closest to my younger sister, Joyce. Joyce is schizophrenic. She’s ok now, but there was a time when she was still throwing violent tantrums.

Spike kept watch at my sister and made sure that she was ok. He even slept near her—near enough to see what she’s doing, but far enough from her reach just in case she had another tantrum. I can clearly remember a time when he saved my sister from hurting herself. We were all asleep, and had no idea that Joyce was already having a violent tantrum. Spike woke us all up, and took us where Joyce was. If it weren’t for him, we don’t know what could have happened.

A few years ago, I’ve seen a feature on TV about a native dog who can perform incredible tricks. And saw a different one on a magazine. Now, you can’t say that these dogs aren’t smart—because obviously, they are.

Loyalty? Of course, the native dog can be very loyal. They love their masters to the hilt—and would remain loyal to them till death. Honestly, I rather think that sometimes a native dog is more loyal than some of the more stubborn purebreds.

Let’s give the Philippine native dog the recognition it deserves, shall we? Be proud of being a native dog owner! 🙂

* * *

Luckily, there are animal groups that support the Philippine native dog. The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) currently launched a campaign for these dogs entitled, “See the Beauty Beyond the Breed.” Actors Heart Evangelista and Jericho Rosales are the spokespersons for this campaign, which is dedicated to all native dogs and cats as well as their rescuers.

The Animal Kingdom Foundation, another dog rescue group like PAWS, also has native dogs up for sponsorship or adoption.

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  • kath says:

    yes…very well said! 😉

  • siyerwin says:

    Askals, or aspins (asong pinoy), are probably the sturdiest of the breeds too. Michael Tan of Inquirer noted that he’s seen a lot of native dogs that have survived distemper, a disease that’s fatal to the pedigreed ones…

    Go, Aspins!!! Hehehe.

    I just learned of the Pinoy Pets Network. Is my blog qualified to join it? Thanks!

    Regards to your doggy babies!

  • cicero says:

    i totally agree! it’s not about dog’s pedigree. it’s about the owner’s pedigree. most of these askals are dirty, stinky and sick because there are no good people taking care of them. or they are unfortunately taken for granted by their owners, fed with spoiled food, not given a bath in their lifetime, not provided with shelter. most of them are not even given names.

    we also have a native dog who has been with us for 12 years. he’s just as smart, as loyal and as cuddly as our lab retriever.

  • Daniel says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. In addition the Philippine dogs or “Aspins” have a very resilient immune system if not the most superior among all breeds of dogs. Aspins can survive illnesses most purebreed and expensive breeds can’t. They are also very obidient, loyal “to the death”, loving, caring and oh so sweet. That’s why I can say loud and clear that i’m a proud Aspin lover.

  • […] was Whitey, an aspin and Labrador Retriever mix. She was my sister’s […]

  • Myra Cattaneo says:

    I am proud of my Aspin named Kooch, he’s been with us since 2001. When my husband and I moved to London we never hesitated to take him with us despite the hurdles and money involved.
    He is a family member, very loyal one. He stayed awake at night to guard when my husband is out of the country (which happens a lot as part of his job). I talked to him and he responds (a language that just the 3 of us can understand). He is a very lucky dog coz we love him like our own child and we get the love, entertainment and loyalty in return. I agree that it is not the breed but rather it’s the way we nurture our best friend!!!

  • sj says:

    I am an owner of a very sweet and loving Aspin/Askal. I named him SNOW owing to the fact that he is all white, with prickly ears and gold-flecked eyes (by day) which turn into pools of black at night.
    He is one year and a month old. I don’t hesitate to indulge in buying him things like dog soap, talc, collar & leash, the complete works. He deserves all the care and attention because he has been very loyal to me. He acts as my escort in going back to my sleeping quarters after a day’s work and plants himself outside, by my door to stand as guard during the night. I usually rein him in by the day so he can rest. He has his own mat at a corner in my room, a blanket during cold nights and at times i allow him to lay beside me to sleep.
    My friends often tease me for having an aspin as a pet. True, i could have chosen to have an expensive and pedigreed pet, but I love my Snow, thank u very much!

  • Odin says:

    Mine’s a cross of an English pointer and a AsPin…

    so he’s a um… uh… AsTer… or PoinKal.. or PoPin.. PBA import… or something.

  • Ian de Jesus says:

    I just came upon the article on dingoes and it struck me that our askals are in fact one and the same subspecies as the dingo. They are in fact dingoes. As dingoes originated from East Asia and were brought by seafarers to other parts of the Pacific, they also populated our islands. Ever wonder why there is no breed as the Philippine native dog? Because askals are dingos. Now I want to own a dingo.

  • Ian de Jesus says:

    Well I had an askal as a pet once, when I was a kid. She was Cheetah and she was the most intelligent and loyal dog we ever had, living up to 14 years and after that succumbed to several diseases. Now I have Barack who is a miniature pinscher.

  • Leah says:

    we once had an askal named Sparky it was given by grandpa for my sister when she was 8 yrs. old he’s coat looks like the coat of a german shepherd and his features looks like a golden retriever. He is a very playful dog and lovely dog while we are walking the dog a child shouted “tingnan mo oso ” because he was a big dog. he fell sick and died in Jauary 2005, since then we haven’t had any dog. its only now that we taught of having one.

  • mce says:

    We’ve had several askal pets and they lived more than 6 years with us. This local or should I say mixed breed of dogs is sturdy and seldom gets sick. Minsan mahirap pa nga pag maraming halong breed, mas sakitin. Our 7-yr old dog was a mix of dachshund, aspin and another aspin na tisoy. But he died last September due to kidney failure and throughout his 7 years with us he suffered skin allergies. He had maintenance meds for that kaso di na kinaya ng katawan niya.

    He was a very loyal dog. Matapang and very intelligent. We managed to teach him how to sit and carry some bags of groceries from my mom. Kaya when he died, umiyak talaga kami coz nakakapanghinayang sya. But we had to take him to vet and put him to sleep, di na namin kinaya ang suffering nya.

    We have another askal, who is almost 2 yrs old and he’s already learned how to sit and be a good boy.

    It’s just too bad for other askals they end up with irresponsible owners. Sayang sila coz matalino ang aso by nature, we just have to teach them how to behave and love them like a family member. Marunong silang tumanaw ng utang na loob sa totoo lang. Minsan nga iisipin mo mas mabuti pa aso, marunong makisama.

    Thanks for posting your article. It gave me another push to love askals or aspins more.

    God bless!

  • ahia0427 says:

    we’ve kept several native dogs since im in grade schools..almost 10 askals were been with us from the past 20 years..

    presently we have a pure askal our prime stud..2 mixed with vizla (both female) and a female 3-month old mixed-lab..hehehehehe

  • kevern says:

    Native dogs are more friendly than other hi breed dogs!. That’s true!

  • joesel says:

    yeah why not let’s make a petition to make them a dog breed for their more gorgeous than any other dog breeds thair smart and very loving dogs!?

  • ann says:

    I just would like to ask if you have any information about pure bree native dogs of the Philippines, I have always thought that Aspins/Askals are of mix breed, but according to some sources there is actually a native breed of Dog here in the Philippines and they are related to the Dingos of Austrailia as well as the native Dogs of Inodnesia and Papua New Guinea, however details are quite sketchy as of the moment, I would like to aks if there is any gene pool or consevation center preserving this native breed of Dogs..

    • Gail says:

      Hi Ann,

      I’m actually also looking for info about that, because that’s what I heard too. I saw a feature on Animal Planet before about ancient dogs, and our native dogs have a striking resemblance to them (this time, dingos of North Carolina). I’m not sure about this, but I’ve heard some studies were made on the Philippine native dog at UP Los Banos. Haven’t had the opportunity to go there yet and verify if there is such a research.

      Do update me if you have any info. Would love to post them! 🙂


    • Brendon Chow says:

      Ang tanong po ay kung papaano madetermina kung ang isang aso ay “askal breed” sapagkat wala itong sukatan. Isa po yan sa dahilan kung bakit kinakailangan ikumpara ng ibang tao ang isang askal sa isang may-breed na aso. (Linawin ko lang po, kapag sinabing walang breed, hindi nangangahulugan na wala sa ayos ang aso mo, hindi lang ito brineed o dinesenyo). May mga nagsasabi na ang mali ang reaksyon na “ahh..” kapag sinagot mo na askal ang aso mo. Minsan, gusto lang nila mapicture-out ang hitsura ng aso. Halimbawa: Anong asok mo? Askal po. Anong kulay? Tricolor po. Mahaba ba nguso? Opo. Bagsak ba o tayo ang tenga? Tayo po….etc. Hindi ba mas madaling sabihing…mukhang german shepherd po…tapos ang usapan.

  • Rachelle says:

    Kudos to your post! I hate it when people are compelled to reply (when asked what breed their dog is): “askal lang” because of the way the snotty purebred “(so-called) dog lovers” look down on the Aspin. Go PAWS!

  • jason says:

    I don’t know if I’m in the right place to leave this message
    but having known this org from the net and other media I consider to try my luck here, I would like to give away my 6 years old mixed breed working type dog to anyone who have a knowledge and passion in handling this type of dog.I do love animals and I don’t care whatever breed or class they belongs to. Me and my wife used to rescue stray dogs and cats( currently we already have 7 dogs all mixed breed and 3 native cats) raising this number of pets was really an enjoyable experience and of course it also requires a lot of attention that we are not able to provide specially for Zackie my dog that needed it most. Zackie is a 6 years old mixed breed dog was taken by my wife from her relative who lacks the passion and time needed in handling this kind of dog that translate to this dog being neglected being left outside the house without protection from the weather. To make the story short we take the dog with an intention to take good care of him but due to his age and background we find it difficult to tame him even after 2 months of introduction he still have an unstable temperament like being too dominant and aggressive even to me as his handler he bit me when I try to restrain him after he was able to escape from his leash. I do not blame him because it was a dog natural response specially he is not yet considering me as his new companion. Me and my wife love him a lot but due to his behavior We are not able to give him a bath ever since we take him from his former handler. And at this moment we are not yet financially ready to send him to an expert for obedience training.but at the same time we don’t want to break the dog spirit by putting him in the cage forever but I’m also worried for the safety of the people around him specially my family. So we decided to look for interested person who believes that he/she is capable of handling him and loving him. But due to Zackie’s age and background I’m open to the possibility that there’s no other person who will volunteer to take him. but if there’s someone who can offer some help in correcting Zackie’s behavior Me and my wife will be forever grateful. We just wan’t Zackie to experience having a family that will love and take good care of him.


    • Gail says:

      Jason: I had to edit out your comment to remove your contact info to protect your privacy. I am not aware of any organizations that are able to take in animals who used to have homes. PAWS and CARA only take in strays, and they have quite a lot in their hands already. If you can’t find any friend or relative to take your dog, you might want to consider posting in, there might be somebody in the forums willing to take your dog in.

  • mayer says:

    no purebered dogs here in the conformation, no color uniformity,askals sometimes have long hairs, sometimes short.others are tall and some are small..i have nothing against askals, i just would like to make a point that for those people who would like to make askal as a phillipine breed of dog, better make all the mutt in the world to be called askal. i don,t use the word aspin bec. for me aspin is a word to be used if you already created a purebreed of a dog from the phillipines. with conformity with uniformity, in color and size ofcourse with a great temperament..let’s create our own breed of dog bec. unfortunately we don’t have one..salamat po!!!


    “June 10th, 2010 at 4:53 am mayer says:
    no purebered dogs here in the conformation, no color uniformity,askals sometimes have long hairs, sometimes short.others are tall and some are small..i have nothing against askals, i just would like to make a point that for those people who would like to make askal as a phillipine breed of dog, better make all the mutt in the world to be called askal. i don,t use the word aspin bec. for me aspin is a word to be used if you already created a purebreed of a dog from the phillipines. with conformity with uniformity, in color and size ofcourse with a great temperament..let’s create our own breed of dog bec. unfortunately we don’t have one..salamat po!!!”


    1) “…i have nothing against askals, i just would like to make a point…”
    —> yes you do have a problem with askals. you are a product of colonial-engineered mentality, though you may not outrightly say it, you detest recognition and proper reference to the askal. in manner of your choice of words and biases on the subject, your disclaimer that “have nothing against askals” is a misnomer. your point is well translated.

    2)”…that for those people who would like to make askal as a phillipine breed of dog, better make all the mutt in the world to be called askal.”
    —> what is your point again? calling MUTTS, “askals” and ASKALS, “mutts” is technically correct. essentially, they are the same. Iha o iha, just because its in english, there’s an indifferent ring to it. You seem to have realized that though, your logic is just questionable.

    since you’re after the ‘purity’ of a dog’s pedigree (conformation,uniformity and the likes) let me also raise that these most precious pure breed dogs, are in fact mongrels or mixed breed themselves. modern PUG, for example, is a result of long time in-breeding among the firsts pekingnese in europe and king charle’s spaniel, ergo, a pug considered as a purebreed, is essentially not. there are plenty more examples scattered around the net, try reading them before you assume and give misleading conclusions.

    3)”…i don,t use the word aspin bec. for me aspin is a word to be used if you already created a purebreed of a dog from the phillipines.”
    —> this statement is just but a confirmation of how shallow and judgmental you are towards “purebreds” and “mongrels”, and you claim to have nothing against askals. funny.

    first, “aspin” is a term coined by Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), this is to counter political incorrectness, accdg to PAWS newsletter, furthermore, the goal was to eradicate the stigma attached to askals in its long history of abuse. in fact, this was to educate people who devalues an animal simply because of how it looks like or what lineage it belonged. say.. people like you. using the term aspin, doesn’t connotes recognition of askals or aspins as an established breed. (wherever did you get that idea, anyways? is it because it sounds “sosyal” again, like the word, “mutt”? brilliant.)

    4)”…with conformity with uniformity, in color and size ofcourse with a great temperament..let’s create our own breed of dog bec. unfortunately we don’t have one.”
    —> conformity, uniformity in size and color and great temperament doesn’t always come free with a certain breed. social and health factors play a big role in the upbringing of one dog. let’s go back, askals or aspins may not have these kinds of traits but overall, the variety of gene pool of these dogs, keep them alive for more generations to love. unfortunately for you though, your mind isn’t big enough to accommodate such acknowledgement.

    moving on, “creating” a breed. this makes me think, for what? so we can boast about in the international communities that we have our “own” breed? that’s plain stupid, quite frankly, mayer. doing so, will further shame the country for playing mini gods and throwing in one of the “designer breeds” that seem to have no use or point at all. they were created out of breeder’s fancy and whims. why not better the welfare of our native aspins, then we can see that they are no different with purebred dogs at all?

    Their resilience and capacity to adapt and learn quickly, is already a start. Having an un-spiteful moniker is twice a step further in taking good care of their existence and bettering the world’s perception of the Pinoy’s mutt.

    Now, the only unfortunate thing we have in existence are people like you – narrow-minded, malign and colonial enthusiasts who belittles their own because they seat in their supposedly, high chairs.


    • Brendon Chow says:

      Sa tingin ko ay nais lang ni Mayer sabihin na hindi breed ang isang askal ayon sa panuntunan ng mga cannine associations. Malimit kinikilala ang isang “breed” ayon sa mga sinabi niya sa taas dahil iyon din ang mga nabasa ko na maaaaring kinopya niya lamang. Hindi siya sumasang-ayon sa pamagat ng artikulo kaya niya sinabi yun. Kung maaaring nabasa mong breed na nga ang askal (hindi ko sinasabing sinabi mong breed ito), paki sulat dito para malaman ng lahat ng babasa.

      Hindi na dapat palakihin yung issue tulad ng pagsulat mo ng nobela sa itaas. Makitid din ang utak ng isang taong hindi isinasaalang-alang ang mga dahilan ng ibang tao kung bakit nila nasabi ang sinabi nila.

    • Rocky says:

      I love ASPINS! I have high regards and respect for those who value our ASPINS. If I want to know more about a Person, I just watch out for- how he thinks, looks and care for his Pets- That is how he Thinks, looks and care( if they even care at all) for the people around them and the world as a whole. Thank you to all those who really love and care for our ASPINS!

  • benj says:

    What a bunch of racists! 🙂

    So sa mga aso, okay lang palang maging bigot.

    • Gail says:

      Syempre!!! Pwede sila schmex sa kalsada, so definitely pwede rin sila maging racist!! Hehehehe

  • Ronald says:

    mayer youre a piece of crap….i have a siberian husky and a aspin..they go along together….i may acknowledge that the husky have a better look but my aspin compensate for it by being loyal….true yung sinabi ni Joy to the world, the toy dogs that people are crazy about are not really purebreeds, their genes are also mixed with other breeds…..wala po sa breed ng aso or other animals ang kaligayahan sa pag-alaga ng pets….

    • Brendon Chow says:

      Huwag mong sabihing tae ang isang tao. Mali yun. Kung pag-aaralan mo ang sinabi ni Mayer, hindi nya inalipusta ang askal. Hindi lang siya sumasang-ayon sa isinulat.

  • Marty says:

    tama yan..wala sa klase ng aso yan..when you say dog lover that means…all dogs…walang pwera…animals are helpless so tayong humans lang ang pwedeng umunawa sa kanila..
    I have a dog face I had 2,so happended that I had to give one away only to regret in the end…they slaughtered her and had her as a pulutan…so lesson learned na yun,wag magpapamigay ng aso.For me,they’re babies,they’re helpless and needs love and attention…KAHIT ANONG BREED PA YAN! they’re all sweet and loyal…parang bata din na may kanya-kanyang tantrums…
    so if you’re a dog lover…don’t be choosy…it’s so nice to love a dog…nakaka tanggal ng stress..pag uwi mo ng bahay,sumasalubong sa ‘yo,wagging their tail as if to say,”hello…nice to see you come home in one piece…”

  • Marty says:

    **in fact (sorry..typo error)

  • Wheng says:

    My three-month-old native puppy is super likot and kulit, but she’s super malambing. I do think that our own native dogs are being overlooked. But you know, “aspin” sounds nice compared to “askal”, don’t you think? My Sunday is not an asong kalye so I will not refer to her as an “askal.” Just expressing my opinion 🙂

  • ramvie says:

    meron po akung german sheperd at border collie 2 dog’s prehas silang croos breed ng aspins… at n bila s divisoria… cute loyal at mkukulit… and i love them so much… 😀 im a dog lover kya khit anung klaseng dog k pa welcome k sa sa bhay nmen…

  • mike sampaton says:

    Yep aspins are better compared to other dog breeds! may breed saka isang ASPIN! dog food din kinakain nya! She’s a very smart dog!

  • It’s time for the Aspin to be on the spotlight. I was inspired by the effort of PAWS to uplift the reputation and treatment of what is formerly known as askal, so I started blogging about Chuchie, an Aspin our family is proud to have.

  • Lando Balilia (ex-basketball fan) says:

    Mabuhay Philippine Askals !

  • tats says:

    Igrew up with philippine native dogs but not had any relationship with them. My first dog ever i call my own was a labrador….it lasted only for about a year, cant afford the food and the maintenance of walking them, cleaning etc….and i gave it away. NOw i have a philippine native dog…my son forced me to get one pup when my cousins native dog gave birth to 5 pups. Looking at the mom, she was small, so i thought the pup would be small…. then the pup grew up bigger than the mom… we named him shadow….. and honestly, i fell in love with him.. she sleeps beside me, she is very disciplined even with out an obedience training… i guess dogs are good observers and learn from there. he barks when he hears somebody outside but when its when its night time and everyones asleep, he barks softly also:-) he knows he shouldnt disturb me,,, he doesnt leave the house door when im not around or not at home….. he doesnt eat food that i dont give him or if i am not the one who giveshim…. he does obedience right away….. but all of what he knows he just observed and responded to what i tell him… not really teaching him ant tricks…. he is now 2 years old….what so amazing is that when somebody gave me a shi tzu small breed, he loved it right away and took it upon him to take care of the puppy. He never allows any one to go near the shi tzu, no body can touch the small pup bec he will bite 🙂

  • athena says:

    We have 4 dogs at home: 2 Purebred Labradors (just given to us by our uncle), 1 shitzu (just adopted), and our oldest one an, Askal. I hate how purebred dogs smell, they really stink even after you bathe them. Our askal didn’t even take a bath in months but doesn’t stink. Askals are easy to feed and are very loyal to their masters. People walking in front of our house are afraid of our 2 Labradors, but they’re more afraid of our askal. He escorts me while I wait for a trike when I go to work even at night. I really love our askal.

  • albert mendoza says:

    Joy To the World, you are so right. The modern dog breeds are breed mixes in themselves. Mayer, for you to say that you have nothing against askals and then deny them their long overdue recognition for lack of standard breed-specific requisites like “conformity, uniformity in size, temperament” is just like saying that height, weight, skin color, religion, etc., are pre-determinants for one’s race or even humanity. This is exactly the kind of prejudiced thinking that have contributed to centuries of cruelty to the Aspin.
    Aspins are a significant part of our culture and heritage, of our history as a nation. They have been protectors, companions, best friends. To families that adopt them, they have consistently and unwaveringly displayed loyalty and faith even to the point of making the ultimate sacrifice. These qualities and not the ones Mayer mentioned are the only requisites for a true Aspin.

    • Brendon Chow says:

      Saan ko po mababasa na for centuries na ang cruelty towards askals?

      Ako po ay half pinoy at nasa kultura ng ama kong pinoy ang pagkain ng aso. Cruelty po ba iyon? Linawin ko lang po na hindi lahat ng pinoy ay galing sa iisang tribo, may kanya-kanya tayong kaugalian. Ang sa amin ay normal sa inyo ay bawal.

  • lucky says:

    Ms. or Mr. po, joy to the world and kay mang ronald po,:

    Mali po maling mali po kau sa pagsasabi na ang pug po ay hindi purebreed na lahi ng aso,
    iisa po ang itsura nila at laki at may mga sakit dn po silang namamana dahil nga po sila ay pure breed, opo pinag halohalo po sila na lahi ng aso at sa katagalan po nkapag create po sila ng isang lahi ng aso na hanggang sa ngayon po ay nag eexist, meron npo silang sariling standard sa taas laki at itsura kasi ito po ung tinatawag na breeding selection to create a new breed.Maniwala po kau tama po ako mali kau. kaya po tagalog para maintindihan ninyo mang ronald at aling joy po ba? Ang aso nyo po ba n askal mukhang pug? mang ronald, aling joy? Nagtatanong lang po…

  • markymark says:

    base sa napanood ko sa national geographic channel about sa “Dog Science”, only 20% of all dogs breeding are so called “purebred” (ex. fox, wolf and etc.). 80% sa mga makikita nating aso ay puro na “mixed breed”. Around 19th century, rich people intentionally mixed different breeds of dogs because they want their dog to look like what they want to be.

    Purebred dogs

    A purebred dog is a dog of a modern breed of dog, with written documentation showing the individual purebred dog’s descent from its breed’s foundation stock. In dogs, the term breed is used two ways: loosely, to refer to dog types or landraces of dog (also called natural breeds or ancient breeds); or more precisely, to refer to modern breeds of dog, which are documented so as to be known to be descended from specific ancestors, that closely resemble others of their breed in appearance, movement, way of working and other characters; and that reproduce with offspring closely resembling each other and their parents.[4] Purebred dogs are breeds in the second sense.

    New breeds of dog are constantly being created, and there are many websites for new breed associations and breed clubs offering legitimate registrations for new or rare breeds. When dogs of a new breed are “visibly similar in most characteristics” and have reliable documented descent from a “known and designated foundation stock”[4] they can then be considered members of a breed, and, if an individual dog is documented and registered, it can be called purebred.

    Mixed-breed dog

    A mixed-breed dog is a dog whose ancestry is generally unknown and that has characteristics of two or more types of breeds, or is a descendant of feral or pariah dog populations. “Random-bred” is a genetic term meaning an animal, population, or breed that was bred or developed without planned intervention of humans; and whose ancestry and genetic makeup is generally not known.

    heto po list ng mga purebred na aso, kung sino man yung nagdedebate dyan kung purebred ba aso nila, pakihanap nalang sa listahan diyan kung nandiyan ba sa purebred list ang mga pinagmamalaking aso niyo —>>>>

    nagbibigay lang ng info sa lahat po….

    By the way, aso ko ay isang AsPin, 2 and a half years old, katamtaman lang ang laki, kulay german shepherd at minsan mapagkamalan na police dog / K9 dahil well disciplined and trained to obey some basic commands especially when we are strolling at the subdivision with lots of kids/people. Bolty is my first Owned Dog, matalino, malambing, loyal at mapagmahal na aso. always hugs me everytime i go home….

  • Tamagotchi Go says:

    Baket ba kc big deal ang breed ng dogs??? Many filipinos only want to go with the “breed” fad because they want to be in. Sa totoo lang, when i tell pipol how i love my dog – that we share rooms and dining tables, 90 percent asks, “Ano ba ang (breed) aso mo?” When i say mongrel or aspin, they will ask, “Malaki ba iyon? Mukhang labrador ba? Or parang pug or bulldog?” So i will say “askal” to make the story simple. And they will say like..”Uhhhhh” And they hush as if wondering why i love and adore my dog. Nakakatawa po sila, na nakakainis. Many pipol own a dog para pang porma or for social status blah blah. If you really want to be noticed, drive a BMW. Grrrrrr…… Don’t mix love for dogs with hypocrisy dahil they hardly get along well. And some pipol will try to determine the ancestry of my dog. Everytime i walk my dog be it in eastwood or church yards or parks or any open space, when i say that my dog is an “askal”, they will say “Not totally. Cguro ang nanay nyan may lahi or ang tatay. Mukha syang mix ng dachshund or beagle and jack russel or maybe corgi”. What’s the big deal with my dog’s breed? LOL

    • Brendon Chow says:

      Maraming dahilan. Nang magkabahay ako, askal ang unang aso ko dahil libre, low maintenance at medyo maayos na bantay. Noong nagbabalak akong magka-anak at may-pera naman ako, nagsaliksik ako ng asong dinesenyo ayon sa pangangailangan ko, masayahin, mabait sa bata, low maintenance at Beagle tulad ng paborito kong si Snoopy. Samakatuwid, maraming dahilan. Kanya-kanyang desisyon yan. Wag lang kalimutang magsaliksik bago kumuha ng aso. Wala tayong magagawa sa mga taong nasabi mo. Minsan hindi po sila hipokrito, ignorante lang. Kaya ang nakaka-alam, dapat mamahagi ng kaalaman. Sa pangalang askal, hindi ako naniniwalang kailangang baguhin pa ang pangalan. Ang askal ay askal kahit ano mang ipangalan diyan. Sa breed, baka interesado lang silang magpa-stud service. Pinagkakakitaan yan ng marami.


    I love all kinds of Dogs, especially “Askals” :)) Dogs may look different, they may have different breeds, but all they want and need from us is LOVE!


  • Genesis says:

    Pilipino tayo dapat ang inuuna natin yung sa atin kaya lagi tayong nawawalan ng identity na pati askal o aspin binabalewala natin. People would automatically ask the breed of my dogs they’re quick to assume na kailangan may breed may point of origin ang aso na pag di galing sa ibang bansa yung aso hindi ka masasabing certified dog owner. It’s really unfair because it’s the Filipinos who tend to exhibit that prejudice towards our own dog. It’s no different from being racists in our shores na pag di ka maputi at nagpapaputi pangit ka.

    Askal yan, atin yan dapat nga proud pa tayo. Sa Iraq at Afghanistan nga pinupulot ng mga sundalong Amerikano at British yung mga aso doon na pagala-gala at inaampon nila dahil napamahal sa kanila yung mga aso eh bakit tayo di natin gawin yon. Ang daming aspins dito na kailangang tulungan pero hindi naman ako against sa pag-aalaga ng pure breed but there comes a point that there are some Filipino dog owners with purebreeds who would size up Filipino dog owners with Aspins. Deretsahan na lang dehado ka pag aspin ang kasama mo, sikat ka pag purebreed ang alaga mo.

    Ano ba ang pagkakaiba nila pare-pareho lang naman ang mga aso. You do something good to them they give it back tenfold. You show them kindness they will fight for you to the end. But to those who try to have expensive breeds as means of flaunting their status and downsizing those who care for the aspins that’s crossing the line. A person who loves dogs doesn’t look at the breed regardless the condition of the dog and how it looks like kahit marami pa yang kuto at galis pag gustong iligtas, aalagaan mo yon. Hindi naman kotse o alahas ang aso, may feelings yan alam nila pag sila ay ine echa pwera at alam nila pag tinatanggap sila.

    If we are to be a progressive nation, if we want to find who we truly are, loving and caring for the aspins is a start. ( I have five aspins- Hannah, Zorro, Denby, Akira and Marble).

    • Brendon Chow says:

      May isang tanong po ako, tutal Filipino identity rin ang pinag-uusapan, mali bang kumain ng aso?

      Kultura po ng ibang Pilipino, isa na ang pinanggalingan ng ama ko, ang pagkain ng aso. Isama na natin dyan ang pusa, dagang-bukid, bayawak at ahas. Marami po nagsasabi na mahalin natin ang sariling atin, pano ang kultura? ang tradisyon? Sinasabi natin na kulturang maka-dayuhan ang pagpili ng may breed kesa sa wala pero marami ang sang-ayon na dapat ipagbawal ang pagkain ng aso. Ang askal po ay hindi isang endangered specie. Di tulad ng mga balyenang hinuhuli ng mga progresibong mga hapon. Ito po ay mga bagay na dapat pagnilay-nilayan natin para maging malawak ang ating pag-unawa.

  • Khoshovho says:

    Yeah, your right genesis.
    I’m a certified pet lover, I love all kinds of animal especially dogs and cats. Before, i used to slept with my cat and dogs in my room, i love to kiss and hug them they’re so very cute.^_^. hehehe. wla lng share q lng.

    So, change topic nmn. what do you think about those people who beat or killed dogs and then eat them.

    In my own opinion, i think these monstrous dog killer(eater) cannibalistic people should also be killed at ipakain sa mga aso. tingnan natin qng cno kawawa. Kala nla sikat na cla nyan. (Sori for the improper words) nakakahighblood lng kc yang mga taong yan eh. They should treat dogs equally regardless of their pedigree!

    • Brendon Chow says:

      Pakibasa po sa taas.

      Nakakain ka na ng pinikpikang manok?


      Kumakain ka po ba ng baboy, manok, pato, kambing, baka o kalabaw? Sa ibang kultura pet po kasi silang maituturing.

      Pasensya na kung vegetarian ka. Pero kung vegetarian ka nga, baka monstrous at dapat ipapatay rin ang itatawag sayo ng mga fruitarians. Igalang po natin ang paniniwala ng iba. Correction lang din po, ang cannibalism ay ang pagkain ng sariling kauri.

      Lawakan po natin ang ating pag-iisip.

  • Potching says:

    hayyy… i was really entertained reading all your comments.. dami kung natutunan..haha
    fighting which kind of dog is better… for me pag dog lover ka talaga… naumang dog yan… whatever it looks like… for me basta dog cute yun… parang mother lang to her child para sa kanya basta anak niya ito pinaka….

    …Need Help on how to take good care of your dog with a super limited bugget…..
    san may cheap deworming… anti rabbis…

    story: The dog was given last month…. very cute looks like a guinea pig pag nakatalikod pag harap dog pala… first day with us yung pupu may kasamang worms… sabi ng kabitbahay ko bumili daw ng pangpurga ng bata then follow instructions sa box…
    is this safe for the dog?
    now masigla naman yung dog… lakas din kumain kasing lakas kumain ng 2yr old daughter ko.
    anyway…tuwing when deworming ng dog? Yung cheap?
    I lived in marikina… someone told me may free shots daw just have to pay for registration of the dog.. san yun? sa barangay ba or munisipio?
    Help sa mga tiga marikina… sorry don’t go out alot kase… full time house manager in short house wife.. buzy cleaning at paglalaba..haha…
    suggestions sa okey na dog soap para good smell yung dog ko at di mag amoy mapanghi yung bahay…
    ….Basta any suggestions lang on do’s and donts sa dog, anu bawal na food ng dog…

  • My son bought a puppy Christmas of 2010. At first he was told that the dog has 75% Golden retriever. As months passes by, the dogs behavior is not manifesting Labrador. She was temperament and fur arouse in excitement and curiosity. She is very protective and obedient. I tried looking at pictures of native dogs in internet cause she somewhat resembles native although native dogs is smaller. But she’s big and muscular. Till i discover that all traits i found in my dog is evident to Carolina Dingo. I have once researched that American cavalry that once ruled Philippines. Soldiers might have brought the breed in the Philippines.
    I presumed that the rare species called Carolina dingo is the descendant of this native dog of ours. If you could breed pure Carolina Dingo, it’s being treated as one of the rarest dog breed nowadays. This type of dog also known as brown wolf always win in competition known as ARBA” American Rare Breed Association. Please explore further and the key word is Carolina Dingo.


  • mynameiscody says:

    reading the comments entertained me for an hour. nakakatuwa most of the comments owned an aspin and they love them just like me. my sister gave me an aspin pup 3weeks ako and i named him Seven. i really love this dog. he’s not just a pet for me but a family member. i love how he wakes up every 2am para salubungin ako from office wagging his tail. all the stress from the office will simply go away when i see him. napakalambing na aso and kahit 3weeks pa lang, i think mahihirapan ako pag nawala siya. for me the joy of raising a dog doesnt depend on its breed. it all depends on how you treat your dog. kasi kung gaanong pagmamahal ang ipakita mo sa kanila, they will give it back to you (in their own sweetest way) twice. i love my dog seven.. just sharing.. =)

  • cheepee says:

    i’ve enjoyed reading all the comments since i own 3 cutie askals in our home and i love them so much. i enjoy playing with them all the time though im too old to do such a thiung, haha but really nakakatanggal ng stress. when i say “halika” they come to me, when i say “baba” or ” alis jan” they obey. it’s true that askals are so loyal, brave and so sweet. when i return from work all these 3 dogs come to me wagging their tail, barking and kissing me, naguunahan pa. when i talk to them they tend as if they’re really listening to me.. at kung makakapagsalita lang talaga. i let them sleep with me coz i cant stand their looks when i leave them outside my room, they look kawawa kasi.

  • Topi says:

    Yes, very well said. If other countries have their own breed, (e.g. Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, Japanese Spitz, etc.) us Filipinos should breed our own dogs. If I were a member of the PAWS, I would create my own breed, the Aspin. And maybe send these dogs to other countries and sell them. 🙂

  • jared ken perez says:

    i dont really care what anyone says about breeds and whatnot. i love my dogs, krum, charlie, adi, and wooki (all of them are askals except wookie whose a cross of an askal and a german shepherd- i dont use aspin cuz askal sounds better sorry) . breeds doesnt matter, and if you think it does, ask yourself if being caucasian superior to being asian? guys, if you think breeds are important, then you guys are all hypocritical racists! fu@# you mayer and lucky, your clearly out of the point! and the point being, breeds doesnt matter. one biased thing im gonna say though, i think askals are way smarter and safer than any other so-called pure-bred dogs. though, i also want to get myself a pomeranian cuz it looks like a small fox and is very cute.haha damn, their all dogs! i bet if you brin an askal somewhere abraod and sell it, itll cost just as much as these so called pure breds. and lastly lucky its funy you should mention this -“Mali po maling mali po kau sa pagsasabi na ang pug po ay hindi purebreed na lahi ng aso,
    iisa po ang itsura nila at laki at may mga sakit dn po silang namamana dahil nga po sila ay pure breed,”- its like saying a pre requisite to being a pure bred is to have some kind of genetic malfunction or something, rendering them inferior to askals which are superbly adaptable with superior immune systems. you know what i think, i thinks pure breds are obsolete cuz we (humans) have been keeping them from evolving by limiting their breeding mates for centuries for their own amusement (w/c is cruel) thus, keeping them from developing new traits for survival which is why purebreds are sickly unlike askals who had all the freedom to evolve in their superior form and immune system. pugs, tsktsk ugly little doggies. and people say their cute.

    • Ezra says:

      I agree with this comment, Askals developed a far more superior immune system than closely bred pedigree dogs due to to the simple fact of diversity. I also personally think that it is cruel to purposely breed dogs solely for their looks (see Basset hounds and their constant heart ailments coming from inability to carry itself), although that is only my opinion, nothing against professional dog breeders.

      The point is that love your dog (or cat, or snake, or rat, or weasel) wholeheartedly and without bias for breed, pedigree or price tag.

  • Bebzikeroo says:

    Hi! I have always been looking for websites or discussion boards about askals/aspins. It inspires me so much to know there are people like me who cares about our native dogs. I have 2 dogs at the moment. 1st is an askal/aspin given to me by a college classmate and he is almost 10 years old now. We love him so dearly. 2nd one we have is a year old and was given to my brother ang sabi ay mini pincher daw so kinupkop, eh parang hindi naman. When people ask about our 2nd dog’s breed I proudly tell them he is also an aspin!

    Everytime I see askals in the street chained or obviously not given enough care and love sobrang nalulungkot ako. As in. When I see news on TV about slaughtering of askals I am thinking violent things towards those who eat or kill those poor defensless dogs. Every night I would pray to God na sana He would protect them and that may there be more people who would stand up for them and fight for their sake.

    I could go on about my sentiments but I don’t want to bore anybody. I would just like to thank this page and to those people here who shared their words of love to our native dogs. May God bless you all!

  • Herbert Tan says:

    Just got my aspin pup today… we named her choochoo… i don’t care what breed she is… she looks so cute and loves to play around… papayat ako if i keep up with her energy… 🙂

  • desertyano says:

    Every dog is a special being, a part of the family and will protect everyone in his/her pack. I grew up in a large family which include a black aspin who became my playmate as I was the youngest and usually left in the house with no one to play with. He is a very loyal and playful fellow even when he reached his old age. He is a good mouse catcher, guard dog, an excellent swimmer, protector of my chickens and very nice with children. He also served as a fail-proof alarm clock when I was in elementary and high school, nudging me gently in the face whenever it is time to get up for school. He did all of these without any training, purely instinct. When he died in 1992 at the age of 13, I never had a dog thinking it is rare to find another one like my friend and also because of lack of time. I still love dogs though, and from time to time will borrow my neighbor’s dog, also an aspin who they consider as stupid and useless. I am a diagnosed diabetic since 2000 with very unstable sugar level. In one instance, while peeing , I collapsed in the bathroom. I had no exact recollection of the events that transpired but my sister told me that the stupid neighbor’s dog alerted her, guiding her to my room in the 2nd floor, frantically scratching and barking at the bathroom door. There they found me sitting on the floor, almost unconscious with cold and sweaty palms, my sugar level was very low. This only attest that even the most stupid aspin is still a dog full of talent. I am now in Toronto, a city where dogs of all sorts seem to outnumber humans. I am also considering having my own but I want it to be an aspin. The breed which saved my life.

  • desertyano says:

    A breed is a group of animals raised by man so that it possesses a hereditary qualities which distinguishes it from other members of the same species. Our beloved aspin is a distinct breed. A very hardy breed well adapted to our land. No need to cross with other “pure breeds”.

  • Ella says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. My 4-month old Aspin died yesterday and I cried. My mom’s friend asked–“Bakit masyado kang affected eh diba askal lang ang aso mo?” I was outraged with what I heard. Although I am not surprised at all when people in this country react that way, I was still so upset. Just because my dog is an askal does that mean that he doesn’t deserve all the love and care in the world?! We treated my dog as a family member and I took care of him ’til the last minutes of his life. If we don’t know how to love our very own askals, who would? Every dog is special and should be treated fairly, may pedigree man or wala. I feel so bad that most people in this country have this kind of thinking, that dogs with pedigree should be treated extra special. It’s even funny when I buy my askal some dog food, dentastix and dog shampoo, people always wonder why I spend so much eh askal lang daw sya. I just shake my head and feel sorry for those people na ganon mag isip.

  • jose bayan says:

    I have a 2months old pup which is a mix-bred of shit zui and a native dog,last night it was still healthy, early this morning my mother woke me up because she noticed that the pup is lying on her right side moaning and not responding,so I went outside to check and found the pup lying not responding to calls,but it was still breathing,and her eyes was still responsive,and also her tail is still wagging. So I carry the pup to check and I felt that its body is starting to stiffen but its still breathing, or maybe its just to weak to move. I tried to make the puppy drink a water with sugar,hoping it’ll give her energy but nothing happened. Right now I feel helpless for my pup because I don’t know what to do,and even if I wanted to bring her to the vet,it was still 530am,hope she’ll get trough this. ;(

  • cerils says:

    Askals are one of the most talented dogs. I had one before but unluckily died early. I am planning to get one askal to be a companion of my mix doberman.

  • samar says:

    yeah thats why i luv askal..for me askal is the best than anything kaya para sakin spicial sila ka c mensan yong napulot kung askal may cross bread ng belgian tervurin one half sya at on half din sa asong kalye..kaya kayo wag pabayaan ang mga askal dahil matalino pa sila sa pure breeds kasi sa pagkaka alam ko mi mga hlf breeds sila thats why they are consider the best in guarding our homes kayah take care of our philippine dog……:::::::))))

    • samar says:

      namatay yung routwieler kuh noong new year kinagat ng philippine cobra tapos nxt day bumili yung dad ku ng german sheperd pero nawala mkatapos paligoan.. ngayun nakapulot ako ng askal na may cross breed sa belgian tervuren kaya ok nah sakin ang askal wla png bayad free lng nakakatulong din naman ..pero miss ko parin si spanky nmatay sya sa pag protekta nya samin..if you want 2 see my dog just add me in fb i 2 email ko >>>>>><<<<<< at paki message puh para malaman kuh na sa dog ang topic..

  • Vic says:

    What a coincidence. My dog’s name is also Spike, and i think he’s also an askal.

  • Glenn says:

    I’m in San Jose California. My dog is named glenntot . I named him after myself . Great dog . He was born in pampaga . I made him a indoor dog . Its easy I just make him take a shower with me a few times a week . My cat kicks his butt , but I think its because he doesn’t want to hurt her. Best dog ever . He licks me like crazy . Ohh he loves pizza 🙂 take care all

  • Brian Williams says:

    I am a newcomer to Philippines, from South Africa,and have had thoroughbred dogs all my life, because they were “working dogs” which I used professionally, but since coming to Philippines, and discovering that my adoptive son has an Azkal named “Playboy” I have become very interested in them, and so far I like what I have found in them,I have had many different breeds of dogs in my 70 years, and have always found mixed breeds to be extremely loyal,and definitely more disease resistant than thoroughbred dogs, and all have been very good “watchdogs”. In actual fact,I personally think that having a purebred dog has become more of a status symbol, where people can ” brag” about how much they paid for a particular breed to their friends.

    • Brendon Chow says:

      You are right about purebreds being a status symbol, its part of the Filipino culture, having something that will dictate your social status, but not to all. Tribal folks like T’bolis use beaded accessories or the number of feathers in other tribes. That is also prevalent in other cultures. However, some, like me and I assume you yourself, prefer purebreds if a job requires a specific type of “designed dog”. From what I’ve learned, askals are less prone to diseases because of the mixing of DNAs unlike purebreds which tend to inherit the weak characteristics of their parents which are often related. I have an askal as a watch dog, a german shepherd as back-up (because most askals may bark but don’t charge trespassers), a beagle for the kids and a shih tzu for my wife to dress-up..hehe. People should be reminded to research the type of dog they want that would best suite their needs, lifestyles, accommodations, etc. Like a week ago, a workmate was so sad because his pet pit bull died. The dog died because wasn’t trained, was always locked-up, they couldn’t touch him and there was no dog facility nor vet within the area. I told him there’s no one to blame but himself. Poor dog.

  • hahaha says:

    Great blog! may alaga din kaming aso, si hachiku.. named after the great dog of japan.. askal lang si hachi pero sobrang harot saka matalino.. nakakainspire yung mga comments ng mga tao dito.. tama naman talaga eh, kung ang kape nga ng starbucks social status na eh, paano pa ang aso?! diba? ugali na kasi ng pinoy na magyabang ng mga bagay na akala nila eh makakapagpataas sa estado nila sa buhay.. our society takes premium on beauty, that is common in declining cultures sabi nga ng kaibigan ko.. tama naman na kahit anong breed ng aso mo eh dapat mahalin mo, pero kung manlalait ka ng ibang uri ng aso, eh your just one of those they called racists! tama si joy to the world, subliminal yung comments nung mayer.. playing safe kung baga.. tsk3

    @ chow; Nakakatawa ka at puro ka nalang kultura kultura sa mga komento mo! kesyo kumakain po ng aso ang dad mo because it is part of our culture.. porket po ba kultura ay dapat ng gawin? (analogy) – there was a tribe in palawan, i just forgot the name of the tribe, suicide is part of their culture.. if somebody broke their heart, they commit suicide.. if they cannot solve their problems, the answer is suicide.. and they believed that taking their own life is a sign of bravery.. so sa iyo pong palagay? dapat po ba nating itolerate that kind of culture? if yes, then in the future the tribe might be extinct.. well, i’m not against with the people of that tribe, siguro mas magandang sabihing concerned.. hindi ko naman po siguro kailangang ipaliwanag saiyo, dahil mukha ka namang intelehenteng tao eh.. 🙂 kaw na bahalang mag analohiya sa dalawang sitwasyong sinabi ko.. 🙂

    • Brendon Chow says:

      Wala akong sinabing ipagbawal o hindi pero dapat rin pahalagahan ang kaugalian at kultura ng ibang tao. Maraming mga organisasyon at mga proyektong nagnanais buhayin ang iba’t-ibang kultura mula lingwahe hanggang sa sinasabi nang ilan na walang kabuluhang larong kalsada. Bakit ito namamatay? Cultural assimilation. Dahil mga mga impluwensyang naglalayong pag-isahin ang kultura. Dahil may mga taong sarado ang isip at gustong diktahan ang iba ang sa kung anong tingin nila ay tama.

      Ang batas para pangangalaga ng ng mga hayop, lalo na ang pagpapahintulot sa pagkatay at pagkain nito ay may mga puntos na dapat munang sundin bago ito aprubahan. Pakibasa ang animal welfare act. Naka-saad doon na maaari itong gawin kung ito ay bahagi ng isang pananampalataya. Kaya aking ipinaala-ala na dapat maging malawak ang pag-iisip.

      You don’t hear Indians telling the rest of the world to stop eating beef because cows are sacred to them. Inuulit ko lawakan ang pag-iisip.

  • Dog Fan says:

    hahah!!! kakagaling ko lng ng trabaho at nakakita ko ng cute n aso sa facebook. then i tried to research for that certain breed then i found myself reading all your comments in this site. interesting ang mga sinasabi nyo but for me i love all dogs and cats. ilang beses n nila ako nililigtas sa pangaib. i hate it because they are the one who suffers sa mga kasalawan ntin. my family cried when our pup died because saving me. i own my life to her. at ang pinaka na depress sa nangyari ay ang GF ko. she love our pup like her own child. sayang ang cute pa naman nya. nilibing namin siya sa tabi ng bahay namin para part parin siya ng family namin… hays so if i were you people love your pets like its the last time you’ll ever see them, you never know what will happen in the future.ung name ng puppy namin “jazz”. im so lucky na ang naging aso ko ay isang askal.

    share ko lang.

  • Angeli says:

    had a great time reading all the comments here..naligaw lang ako kc may tinitingnan akong breed…but i have two askals or aspins, whatever you wanna call them, its all the same., they are still a dog, a man’s bestfriends! they’re called wako and mara, so cuddly, loving and very entertaining in this stressful life!

  • Mark says:

    There Is a misconceptions about this dog for being a stray dog of the philippines. Stray dog is a street dog without owner and eat the rubbish of the people. Scavenger in short. People thought that askal is a stray dog because of their name “street dog”. But this dog is actually a free roaming dog to guard the house of their owner. This a dog that require a big land to roam. Filipinos normaly own a dog to protect their property. This dog is under the category of guard dog. Thats the reason why they are calling this dog as “bantay” means guard in english. This dog may have a imported breed in their genes but mixed dog with low immune system in philippines will not survive. Most of them died from sickness from being a puppy. Peole let their puppies dies from sickness to select the strongest puppy without any vaccination. These dog is unintentionally bred for its higher immune system since filipinos dont want spend money for medication of their dog. Dog is part of the livestock. Once the dog multiply in numbers, the dogs will be slaugther to be their food or sell it out to other who loves eating dogs. 

  • Mark says:

    I believe that filipinos have its on choice of “looks of a dog” but to make their choice of dog to be more tougher and stronger to sickness, they normal interbreed their choice to a local askal dog. and it became their family dog and guard dog. Just like what other people do in other country. Interbreed jacal to husky, wolves to german shepherd, dingo to collie, in philippines it all variety dog to askal/aspin. If only one breader will focus on selective breeding of askal, there will be a finally develop askal dog with same features and be recognize in a world. I believe that paws and philippines k9 team is now in a first step on it by using these dog as a bomb sniffing dog.

  • Ice says:

    Love my askals to death 🙂

  • Gen says:

    I grew up having Aspins as siblings, friends,companions and confidants. Hindi kami kahit kailan nagkaroon ng pure breed or pedigreed dogs. Sa totoo lang, matatalino ang mga aspin. Mabilis silang mag-adapt sa kanilang paligid at very loyal. Nakakalungkot isipin na maraming mga tao ang hindi nagbibigay sa kanila ng maayos na pagtrato. One time, pumunta ako sa isang tindahan na may mga pet feeds ibinili ko ng dog food ang mga aspins ko. May mamang nagtanong kung anong breed ang aso ko sabi ko mga aspin. Nang marinig niya ang sagot ko, na-disappoint siya. Sa isip ko na lang bakit, mga pure breed na aso lang ba ang pwedeng kumain ng dog food? Dahil ba sa libo-libo ang halaga nila kaya sila ang dapat lang na alagaan at pakainin nang tama. AS Filipinos, we should be proud with the fact that like us, the Aspins reflect our ability to adapt to changing situations. Aspins are resourceful and highly resilient and most all highly diverse. As Filipinos if we want to move forward, we should also take pride with our Aspin.

    Wala namang pinagka-iba ang Aspin sa imported na aso- ang mahalaga mahal mo sila. Pero sana mahalin natin at alagaan ng higit pa ang mga aspin.

    By the way, saludo ako sa mga tao na nagmahal at nag-alaga ng mga Aspin.

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