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A disturbing story: Children tried to burn puppies alive

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In order for me to easily access new updates, I’m subscribed to a number of news sites. I check these as soon as I get online. Imagine my surprise when I saw this disturbing story from the Mail Online:

Gang of children – some as young as TEN – caught slowly roasting puppies over bonfire

Puppies almost burned alive by children

According to the story, the adorable puppies in the photo above were almost burned alive by a gang of children as young as 10 to 12 years old.

Here’s the news story:


Gang of children – some as young as TEN – caught slowly roasting puppies over bonfire

Shocked and huddled together for safety, these puppies are lucky to be alive after being saved from an act of almost unbelievable barbarity.

A gang of youths had seized the seven-week-old brother and sister and were slowly roasting them over a bonfire on a canal bank.

Yelping in panic and distress as their fur began to burn, the pair struggled desperately to escape the children’s clutches.

The commotion attracted a walker who ran over to the bonfire and ordered the gang to release them immediately.

Melanie Johnson, 32, said: ‘I just could not believe the cruelty being shown by these kids. If I hadn’t turned up, I think they would have burned the dogs alive.’

Miss Johnson, from Rochdale, added: ‘Most of the kids were aged 12, 13 or older. But some were as young as ten. I was ripping mad and still am to think that anyone – least of all children – could do this.’

She took the two puppies from the bank and carried them to the safety of her home before wrapping them in a towel and taking them to an RSPCA shelter.

The cross-bred pups were examined by a vet after the incident in Newbold, Rochdale on Friday and were found to be in generally good health.

Jean Spencer, the RSPCA shelter manager, said: ‘The puppies are only seven weeks old and still smelled of smoke from the bonfire when they arrived.

‘The fur on one of them was singed and the other has a small hernia. Fortunately, they are going to be fine.’

She added: ‘To think that children could be so cruel is really disgusting. The puppies are absolutely gorgeous. Everyone here has fallen in love with them.’

The male puppy has been named Guy and his sister Cinders.

They will now go to a shelter in Halifax to be re-homed.

No arrests have been made in connection with the incident.

Gang of children – some as young as TEN – caught slowly roasting puppies over bonfire
by Jaya Narain, Mail Online
Last updated at 8:42 PM on 04th February 2009


It’s really disturbing to think that people can hurt such gentle creatures, but what’s even more disturbing is the fact that children actually tried to roast them alive. I’ve heard so many times (both in TV and books) that children with keenness to hurting animals almost always end up becoming very abusive when they grow up. Even worse, some become murderers or serial killers as adults. It’s been found out that children with a pathological need to hurt animals are showing symptoms of being sociopaths. You can just imagine how disturbed these children are for even considering slowly roasting puppies over bonfire.

“No arrests have been made.” Well… Ok… Fine. But I do hope the parents or guardians of these children realize that their kids NEED psychological help.

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42 barks to this post

  • gigi avenido says:

    That news makes me sad and happy at the same time. Sad… because I just couldn’t imagine what the future would be if these children would grow up unguided. Happy… because these two ADORABLE puppies are well and ok. I hope they can escape the trauma that they’ve been through. Thank you to the kind-hearted people who helped them.

  • gigi avenido says:

    In relation to violence against dogs…

    Once my nephew asked me, ” I thought dogs are man’s best friend. Why would men eat his best friend? I was stunned. He was looking at the newspaper where dogs were rescued from a van on their way to the northern province. The kid was right. Poor dogs… I hope the government will intensify their drive to hunt these people.

  • satria says:

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  • Peter Bartlett says:

    This Is Just Sick To Be Completely Honest If I Caught Kids Doing That Even Though I Am 16 I would Show Them What It Feels Like To Put Animals Through Pain For Entertainmant, It Is Wrong And Completly Sick.

    Roast Them See How They Like It.

  • cafevida says:

    I’m not at all surprised, with how kids are raised nowadays, cruelty seems second nature.

  • Baish says:

    it is disgusting that they could do it to such cute puppies if i would of been there i would of got red in the face with anger who ever they are they are really mean

  • danielle says:

    i might only be ten but if i cuaght anybody trying to hert any animal wether its ugly or sick i would send em home with a broken nose and make sure they couldnt sit down for a week

  • Anna says:

    This is very disturbing. I can’t imagine anyone at a tender age is capable of such monstrosity.

  • Caitlin says:

    I am only 10 and i have 2 dogs and one of them was thrown in a black bag and thrown to sea. A fisherman fished him out. my dogs are old now. but to hear that story it is just so shocking. if i were there i would have grabbe dthe puppies and ra n away with them i probably would have been chased so i would run to the nearest Family or Friends house. Then i would slam them and give them a good slap across the face. i cant imagine some one my age doing that. i cant imagine if that was me doing that i would regret it. they puppies are so beautiful how could someone do such a thing to such a beautiful creature. doesnt matter if its beautiful they still shouldnt of done that

    My Email is xxxxxxxx if you want to say anything about my comment or about my dog

  • Disgusted with YOU says:

    I understand the grief for the puppies, but really, what is wrong with you people? Instead of being “disgusted” with the kids actions you should be concerned about thier well beings. Obviously these children are victims of abuse to conduct such violent actions. Stop judging and start caring. Both pairs of puppies are in trouble, the human AND dog kind.


  • Phoebe says:

    Holy shit let’s put the little kid bastards over the fire. HOW’S IT FEEL?!?!

  • brandon says:

    what kind of dog is in the picture?

  • zebjao says:

    what???????cant believe it…that child should be reprimanded by his or her did it enter in his mind to burn puppies alive??i think the kid thought it wad a toy…well.. i am also happy bcuz the 2 puppies were fine..i hope the kid would stop burning puppies..

  • Zac says:

    OMG…… I can’t believe it!!! what kind of dogs are they?? ground the kids for the rest of their lives!!!!!!!

  • mce says:

    Glad those puppies are safe.

    And those kids? Tsk, I hope their parents would discipline them. At a young age they’re already showing destructive behavior.

    Let’s pray that these kids will learn from this. It’s really awful.

  • katie says:

    i no i am only 12 nearly 13 but i am sat ere literally crying how can someone do dat tu 2 beautiful gourgeus looking pups i mean come on it wass harsh how dey tryed to roast two beautiful dogs and nt only dat i have a lovely dog to called blacky who is only 2 if any1 did dat to my dog i would go cukoo and litarally want to kill dem anyway god bless ya guys and cinders love you both xxx

  • E Jhonson says:

    This story is soooooo sad! I ca’nt imagine what’s through these kids minds that they would roast these cute little puppies!!!! the poor things! (the puppies and kids)I love these puppies so much!!!!

  • E Jhonson says:

    Love these pups!!!!!! What breed are they? Why would anyone want to hurt them unless they were hurt. Poor dogs! Poor kids!

  • Jonathon Archibald says:

    OMG!! That is so freakin sad!!! How horrible are those kids that they would do something like that. No arrests have been made? WHY!! Thats just so horrible that im basically speechless that ANYONE woud burn puppies alive.

    Thank you lady for saving those puppies!!!

  • reyes says:

    i think that the police should do something to stop this becasue if they dont due nothing they wouuld continue with this. and the puppies are so cute. i hope they find a new home were they could game them love.

  • KayLee says:

    What the hell? I hope these children die painfully i swear to god if i hear something like that again im going to come over there and slap the children then hang themover a bondfire just to hear them yelp. How could you? Where does this take place im going to come and slap those children and after i slap them im going to tie them to chairs and make them cry. “Iwant my mommy and daddy” Well how the hell do you live with yourself after that. I hope they got a good fucking punishment! I AM FURIOUS!!!

  • Melanie Jarnson says:

    I’m only 12, and I would of fainted litteraly if i did that ! Poor kids and puppies, very tragic.
    That lady who saved the pups has the same name as me! Now i’m going to call myself melanie Johnson ! lol
    Anyways , I hope those kids discover one day that what they did was WRONG and that they wont be villains !

  • Melody says:

    I would sya, tht the children would understand that it was wrong. they will learn from there mistakes. BUT why the fucking hell would you do that?

  • justice says:

    that is so messed up who would do something like i can understand that they are children but that is just not right. those kids should of had gotten a good punishment for that i dont wish death upon them but that is just not right. They are old enough to know not to do that but some people just dont care:(

  • person says:

    this is cruelty and i cant believe these kids would do it

  • becca boo says:

    that is soooo cruel being im 11 and i would never be that cruel to any animal even if they were being aggresive!!!

  • danielle says:

    How can people be so stupid and careless to do that to such innocent creatures?!?!?
    Kids these days their spoiled rotten uncontrollable brats
    I bet when they get older the trouble will rise it won’t just be animals but next humans!
    They well deserve to be sent to boarding school!
    (by the way im only 10 but the idea of roasting poor pups would never pop into my head)
    If I saw some pups on the street I would pick them up and bring them home and beg my mom to let me keep them.

  • emmybear says:

    These children make me SICK!!! How would they feel if they were younger and children were burning THEM over a BONFIRE?! If I saw what they were doing, I would turn red in anger and punch them in the NECK.

  • taska says:

    I would like to thank Melanie Johnson. Most people would have just kept walking by, letting this cruel act keep happening, but you stopped those boys from hurting these gorgeous puppies. It makes me so sad that even kids are becoming abusive to animals and I do hope that something is done to punish them for this inhumane act.

  • laura says:

    I can’t believe those children could be so cruel and one of those dogs is now my puppy!

  • Sissy says:

    So why is no one saying anything about how disgusted they are toward the parents of these kids. I think they all need their heads examined. Where were their parents when these kids were torching these pups. I’m sure this is not the first thing these kids have done to alarm someone. I’m just thankful there was someone there to stop them before it was too late. Put the kids in reform school and the parents in jail. Maybe next time they would teach their kids the value of life.

  • Layla says:

    How could someone do this?! I have 2 dogs and a puppy i would never even think of burning them!

  • Dani says:

    To think that someone that young could be that cruel is absolutely disgusting. There are no worse people in this world than those who can look these animals in the eyes and allow this to happen to them. To hear those poor creatures as their fur was being singed and not to do anything is sick and twisted, and they deserve to be locked away, away from these innocent creatures.

    Those puppies are adorable, so happy to know that they are safe from those monsters. XOXO
    Those people deserve to be burned.

  • Trina says:

    My friend and I think that it was harmful that someone would even think about doing something like that. I just don’t like to hear about it or to even think it.

  • Kristy says:

    I have always loved puppies and this is something that I can’t imagine someone doing this and I hope no other puppy or any animals will have endour the pain that these pups have. What happened to these two pups was devastating. The people who did this should feel sorry and ashamed because they could have killed these puppies. It was miracle they survived, but if people like this continue spread around and cause damage to this world then we could use up all our miracles. If you are or know someone like that think of the two puppies who are truly miracles of this world. Figure out if you want to be the one without a miracle.

  • Bridgette says:

    I agree with Phoebe’s comment… THESE KIDS ARE WH*RES!

  • gen says:

    theyse kids r sick wats a matter wit them thanks melanie fo savin them these kids need medical help and poor puppies

  • Rain Pain says:

    SICK SICK SICK omg! This is so f**king sick, what kind of kids are they? They are so goddamn SICK in the f**king head! Just becuz they’re kids they go off the hook? just like that?! They should be sentenced to death before they grow up and make the world a sicker f**king place! I’m a 12 year old… And I’ve wanted a puppy for a really long time, unfortunatly I’ve got really STUPID parents, I’d give anything to have a puppy like those 2.

  • savanna120 says:

    kids can be BITCHES sometimes… GAWD!!!!!

  • Animallova49 says:

    I have three dogs of my own two labs and
    a pug I cud die fr my dogs and sumtimes
    wen I yell @them I feel so guilty It makes
    me wanna cry
    And on the oda side just to imagine
    that any one cud even IMAGINE of harming
    theese pups is jst sooooooooooo sad I feel
    bad for the pups but I feel worse for the kids
    ( now that the pups have been rescued) I
    mean if they are so sadistic at THIS age then
    I don’t even wanna imagine what
    phsycopaths they’ll turn out to be.and if,
    harming these pups makes them feel good
    abt themselves by hurting these defencless
    creatures,then I’m sry but it shoes that they
    have no FRIGGIN BALLS.( well I’m glad at
    least the pups r safe):):):):):):):):). tough I hope these kids
    die a worse death than what they had imagined
    for the pups.

  • danielle says:

    They should be punished about their doing even they are askal’s they have life even i hate askal i love dogs even a boxer licks me up how dare them iknw i am 11 years old but i have the responsibility i say GUILTY AND SHOULD BE IN DSWD FOR THAT and it should blame to the parent of the kids because they dont guard their child well

  • camille says:

    The children burned freindly defendless puppy how horrible that make me sad because their fur whas burned but I’m happy that they are alive.

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