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An ode to Whitey

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This was Whitey, an aspin and Labrador Retriever mix. She was my sister’s favorite.

Whitey the "White Labrador Retriever"

Whitey passed away yesterday. We don’t really know why, but nothing can describe my sister’s reaction except for “devastated.” 🙁

You see, my sister Joyce is schizophrenic. She doesn’t handle grief very well, so my family and I have to do our absolute best to support her and help her recover. The loss of Whitey was just depressing for her.

Joyce and Whitey were best friends—my sister even allowed Whitey sleep on her bed even if when the needed a bath. She kept my sister company and made sure to be beside her whenever she seemed to be on a verge of an episode—her presence calmed my sister down.

Whitey’s death was so sudden. Even the rest of us were saddened by what happened.

She was alright one moment, the next, she was gone. But before she left, she made sure she was near my sister, but far enough not to cause her distress as she passed away. My dad found Whitey just outside my sister’s window—apparently, Whitey died quietly as my sister slept.

Whitey will be remembered.

Thank you, Whitey, for being the best friend my sister never had. We’ll never forget you.

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  • gigi avenido says:

    I feel so sorry about what happened to Whitey. That was really devastating. It reminded me of my good dog, Mikoy. He passed away so sudden… last February 14, 2008. It was really black Valentine’s Day for me. It’s almost a year now; but the thought of my dear Mikoy still makes me cry.

  • Gail says:

    @gigi: Thank you for the condolences, Gigi. I’m sorry to hear about your Mikoy too. I know what you mean about it being hard. I still think about my Sheero till now. I have a feeling it’ll take my sister some time before she gets over Whitey. They’ve been great friends 🙁

  • lenj says:

    aww… i feel for you and for your sister esp. i also have a white dog whom i love so much. kahit may iba na akong doggie ngayon, iba pa din si noodles ko.. i guess, iba talaga ang attachment ng dog to owner.…_very_sad…

  • Tina says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Whitey. Only time will heal such pain of loosing a beloved friend. We went through the experience last year. I do hope your sister will be able to cope with the loss.

  • D.R. says:

    Very sorry. Rest in peace.

  • tin says:

    hi! i am so glad i stumbled upon your blog. i have long been scouring the net for dog sites yet they’ve been mostly foreign 🙂 i’ve learned a lot by reading!

  • tin says:

    i am so sorry about your dog…

  • sj says:

    Whitey had a good and productive life…im so sorry for your loss…

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  • Ashley says:

    Im sorry to hear the loss of your dog.

    I wonder though if you even have your dog sent to the Vet for check-up.

    Dogs dont just die like that. For some reason that the dog died, it means you were not taking care of the dog as you should be.

    • Gail says:

      She just had her regular vet checkup the week before, and she was deemed healthy. The vet said my sister’s dog had a cardiac arrest. Even people can die just like that, don’t you think? Do NOT make accusations that the dog wasn’t taken care of when you don’t even know the whole story.

  • Catherine says:

    Hi Gail,

    Don’t mind that individuals comment about you not taking care of Whitey. Obviously, he is so blinded by rightiousness that he does not even consider that there might be some other reasons why Whitey passed away! What an assuming …. whatever…. he is.!!!

    I was crying when i read your blog…My first Dog, chiquie also passed away the same way as Whitey…I was 13 when she went to doggie heaven. She was my rock. Im 40 now, with 2 great 9 year old Doggies…but i still mourn and cry everytime i think of Chiquie. So, I do understand how you feel…how your sister feels. If i can only carry the pain to lighten the load for you…i will…but you, your family and your sister will make it through in time. God Bless

  • Catherine says:

    correction, i guess the invidual’s name is Ashley and she’s obviously not a he but a she.

  • mce says:

    may your dog rest in peace.

    cardiac arrest CAN cause sudden death in humans and animals.

    it’s hard to lose someone so close to your family for years. but eventually we have to let go when death parts us because the Almighty has called them back.

    our dog Piolo also an aspin, died just last month [due to kidney failure and complications]. I tried to look for an online memorial site coz it’s the least I can do to share his memories and pay our last respects. He was a loyal pet for more than 7 years.

    just in case you’d like to dedicate an online memorial to pet, you can check this site:

    registration is for free and your pet’s page will be up for 3 months. just check their services for more info.

    I can only offer you my prayers so that you and your family will continue to have strength. I also hope your sister will recover from this devastating loss.

    God bless.

  • sofia says:

    omg!! i have lots of dogs and 2 of them are my super fav,, like my own child since i cant have one,,

    i am very scared that i might lost them, i dont know how would i handle it,,, everytime i think about it that i will live my life without them i get really sad and crying,, im just scared..


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