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Doggie Day Fair 2

Aqua Toy’s much-needed bath

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This is Aqua Toy, Kubrick’s favorite dog toy, hanging to dry:

Aqua Toy squeaks, squawks and pretty much just lays there whenever Kubrick feels the need to chew and play. The poor thing has already turned an ugly shade of very dark brown from its original color of yellow. Kubrick barked and whined, but no, Aqua Toy needs to take a bath!

Kubrick is very possessive of this dog toy, a gift originally meant for Shantee from my friend Nina. I guess it was his only “friend” when he first came here and Shantee thought it best to just ignore him so he’d eventually disappear. My Shih Tzus are long past the stage of getting-to-know-you, but Kubrick still hangs on to Aqua Toy.

This isn’t the first time Aqua Toy took a bath — the first one being the aftermath of Ondoy, when my husband and I thought it unhygienic and unhealthy for Kubrick to chew on a dog toy that was recently drenched in flood water. Kubrick was so happy when he got Aqua Toy back, it was like a one-sided gleeful reunion between two old friends. I’m pretty sure he’ll react the same when Aqua Toy emerges clean and yellow from the hanger tomorrow 🙂

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