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Banfield’s Season of Suppers

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Even in poverty, we still cannot help but have dogs. They’re our loyal best friends, unconditionally keeping us company even when food is so scarce that it’s not even enough to feed us.

Dog food under the a Christmas tree

I have traveled even to far-flung provinces here in the Philippines, and I have seen how dogs enriched the lives of even the most underprivileged in the places I visit.

As I have said before, this blog aims to bring relevant dog-related issues and news to Filipinos not just in the Philippines, but all around the world as well. In this light, I urge my US-based readers to also take a look into this holiday project Banfield, The Pet Hospital, is having.

Dog at a bake sale

Banfield, The Pet Hospital is a private veterinary practice with hospitals located across the United States. For this holiday season, the hospital has teamed up with Meals on Wheels Association of America (MOWAA) for a national Pet food drive called Season of Suppers.

Banfield hospitals all over US are collecting pet food and then donating them to their local MOWAA counterpart in order for the pets of senior citizens in MOWAA program to have a little something for this holiday season. You can help by donating pet food through your local Banfield hospital until December 31. Look for the Banfield near you.

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