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Doggie Day Fair 2

Battling the sweltering summer heat

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One of the best things about living in a tropical country is never having to worry about preparing for the cold winter. Here in the Philippines, there are only two seasons: wet and dry seasons. We usually have to worry about is water-proofing our houses from the constant rains and typhoons during the rainy season. Floods are always a great tragedy.

Preparing for the summer season is almost always frequently overlooked. For us humans, summer usually means two months of fun days under the sun. But for our funny friends, it’s not only uncomfortable, but could also be a matter of life and death.

Since our family don’t go out too often during the summer (me and my husband love to travel, but the summer heat is just too overwhelming), we’ve come up with a list of “to-do’s” for our dogs so that they would be comfortable during the summer.

Let the dogs stay in air-conditioned rooms with you. Our two Shih Tzus and my mom’s favorite aspin / Japanese Spitz mix stay inside the house with us since they’re the smallest in our dog pack. They’re also the furriest. Since intense heat usually activates my asthma and our home office have expensive computer equipment, me and the dogs usually stay inside an air-conditioned room. It’s a pain when the electric bill comes, but it’s worth it — my husband and I would rather pay a bit more on electricity for two months than having the dogs suffer heat exhaustion or me confined to the hospital due to frequent asthma attacks.

Always keep a boy of fresh water for them to drink. I think this is self-explanatory. We all know how important it is to drink water, especially on a hot summer day. Dogs are the same, they need water too.

Provide adequate shelter. The dogs must have shade to keep them cool if they’re staying outside your house. We’re lucky that there are two mango trees in our backyard, the dogs can play in the grass even when it’s hot since the trees provide shade. I also had a tiled area done for barbecues in the yard, and it’s the perfect place for the dogs to hang out (the tiles keep them cool).

Give the dogs a shower! Let them cool off. Even dogs who don’t like baths appreciate having a cool shower in the summer heat.

Give the dogs a haircut. Our pure Aspins (Spike and Kutonbol) have short hair, unfortunately, the others aren’t so lucky. The other dogs are either Shih Tzus (Shantee and Kubrick) or Aspin / Japanese Spitz mix (Harry, Choknat and Patatats) — thick-haired breeds. Summer is an insane season for them, so it’s usually the time when we give them a “crew cut.” The dogs sometimes feel ashamed of their silly haircuts (we either cut their fur really short or have them shaved), but looking silly is better than having them suffer heat exhaustion 😛

Make sure that the dogs’ living quarters are well-ventilated. Just like humans, dogs kept inside the house should have proper ventilation. Keep windows open so air gets in. Last summer, my dad even had exhaust fans installed in our house, significantly cooling the parts of the house where it was usually hot.

Probably because of climate change, our weather has been, for lack of a better term: weird. El Nino has already brought drought to our country — the heat hadn’t been friendly to both plants, animals and even humans (heat stroke is very dangerous!). It’s best to stay safe and take necessary precautions. We don’t want our summer fun be ruined by a tragedy, do we?

Hope you all have a safe and fun summer! 🙂

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  • Wise Guy says:

    Whew!!! Thanks God our garage has a ceiling and properly ventilated. That’s why i have no any problems since summer begun. 🙂

  • jaie says:

    Wow.. Thanks for the info.. How about ticks & fleas? I have noticed that my two dogs, shih tzu & pug, have so many ticks & fleas on their body. How can we prevent those fleas from multiplying?

    • Gail says:

      Hi Jaie, you might want to consider getting Frontline for your dogs. Consult a vet and they’ll tell you more about it (instruction for use, since one variety of Frontline is based on your dog’s weight). If your dog has a lot of fleas, he might need some blood testing as fleas can cause infection.

  • jason says:

    I don’t know if I’m in the right place to leave this message
    but having known this org from the net and other media I consider to try my luck here, I would like to give away my 6 years old mixed breed working type dog to anyone who have a knowledge and passion in handling this type of dog.I do love animals and I don’t care whatever breed or class they belongs to. Me and my wife used to rescue stray dogs and cats( currently we already have 7 dogs all mixed breed and 3 native cats) raising this number of pets was really an enjoyable experience and of course it also requires a lot of attention that we are not able to provide specially for Zackie my dog that needed it most. Zackie is a 6 years old mixed breed dog was taken by my wife from her relative who lacks the passion and time needed in handling this kind of dog that translate to this dog being neglected being left outside the house without protection from the weather. To make the story short we take the dog with an intention to take good care of him but due to his age and background we find it difficult to tame him even after 2 months of introduction he still have an unstable temperament like being too dominant and aggressive even to me as his handler he bit me when I try to restrain him after he was able to escape from his leash. I do not blame him because it was a dog natural response specially he is not yet considering me as his new companion. Me and my wife love him a lot but due to his behavior We are not able to give him a bath ever since we take him from his former handler. And at this moment we are not yet financially ready to send him to an expert for obedience training.but at the same time we don’t want to break the dog spirit by putting him in the cage forever but I’m also worried for the safety of the people around him specially my family. So we decided to look for interested person who believes that he/she is capable of handling him and loving him. But due to Zackie’s age and background I’m open to the possibility that there’s no other person who will volunteer to take him. but if there’s someone who can offer some help in correcting Zackie’s behavior Me and my wife will be forever grateful. We just wan’t Zackie to experience having a family that will love and take good care of him.


  • Just like humans,animals need basic needs.Proper food,water and shelter.I guess one main key is to make sure your place are clean and properly ventilated.Keep your pet clean and bath them regularly.

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