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Canine heroes in Sendong disaster

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In every disaster, we have heroes. Selfless heroes going beyond the human instinct for survival. But every now and then, we hear stories of extraordinary dogs proving their nickname: man’s best friend.

So far I’ve been able to gather two stories. I’ll give an overview here in the blog, but it’s best you visit the full post for details. Oh, and prepare a box of tissues — these stories of amazing animals will surely warm your heart.

Dogs save family from Iligan floods
Typhoon Sendong sneaked in the middle of the night, when Marrietta Ardiente and her family were asleep. Before the furious flood waters swept through their village, Aspins Loloy and Jackie immediately woke up their humans — scratching the door and barking loudly. Because of the dogs’ warning, Marrietta and her family were able to get to safety. They lost their home, but unlike most families affected by the flood, their family is still complete. The family was so grateful for the dogs that even in the evacuation center, they could not bear to be away from their dogs — their life savers. Complete details from Bandila here. *Please note that the video is in Filipino.

Dog saves girl in Cagayan de Oro flashflood
In Cagayan de Oro, seven-year-old Jennylou Yecyec and her family climbed up to the roof of their home in the hopes of safety. Unfortunately, the strong flood waters easily destroyed their home (which was made of light-weight materials). In the chaos, the young girl and their pregnant dog got separated from the family. But the dog didn’t leave Jennylou’s side, fighting the current by all means to stay with her, and eventually implored Jennylou to ride piggy-back on her. Jennylou and the dog were swept to sea — the girl hanging on to her pet as the dog swam for the both of them. In her last act of heroism, the exhausted pregnant dog swam to a floating log to which Jennylou clung on to. The moment the girl was safely hanging on to the log, the dog was gone. She succumbed to exhaustion and the open sea has swallowed her. The dog was never seen again, but Jennylou and her family survived. They were rescued at daybreak, and eventually reunited.

Jennylou and her family have never been able to give their dog a proper name. But they would forever be grateful for the child’s selfless rescuer. They must have loved the dog a lot and made her feel part of the family — why else would the dog think beyond its natural instinct to survive and give up her life for the child? More details of the story from Inquirer.

I can’t help but become teary-eyed when reading stories like these. We all know animals have a natural instinct for survival, but the bond we have with them surpasses that to a point where they are no longer just concerned for their own safety. We love them, and they love us back with everything they can give — even their lives.

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