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Doggie Day Fair 2

Dog Ownership

A New Year’s reminder to dog-owners! 30 December 2007  •  3 Comments

Although there are a lot of public service announcements and reminders on TV about the use of fireworks this coming New Year’s Eve, a lot of Filipinos still insist on keeping up with the tradition of welcoming the new year with a bang. Even our family does—at least just this […]

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Making sense of a pet’s passing 12 December 2007  •  2 Comments

Thanks to Jun Asis for sending me this touching story. Losing a pet is very difficult—I know that for a fact. It’s devastating, and even makes you wonder if the pain will ever end. I’m doing better now (much better than my crying-every-hour state the first week Sheero passed away), […]

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The “Marshmallow Test” 9 December 2007  •  Be the first to comment

Do you remember the TV commercial where a series of kids were asked to have the “Marshmallow Test,” which tested the kids’ response to delayed gratification? I think it was some kind of a milk commercial. Ever tried doing something like that with your dog? We did last year. Only […]

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On pet loss: Losing Sheero 23 November 2007  •  2 Comments

Our family always had a lot of dogs—every member of our family just love them—so it’s pretty obvious that we’ve already lost some pets over the years. Most of them passed away due to old age, so losing them hadn’t been so difficult. The passing was imminent. Somehow, I had […]

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What’s in a pet’s name? 19 November 2007  •  Be the first to comment

Do you carefully choose your pet’s name? We do now. But I have to admit that we didn’t before. Our pets’ names mostly pertained to the animal’s physical characteristics—I think the corniest one ever was “Brownie” for a brown dog, while her black-colored companion we called “Blackie.” My dad remembered […]

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“A Little Dog Angel” by Noah M. Holland 28 October 2007  •  2 Comments

“A Little Dog Angel” by Noah M. Holland High up in the courts of heaven today a little dog angel waits; with the other angels he will not play, but he sits alone at the gates. “For I know my master will come” says he, “and when he comes he […]

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A tear-jerker dog video 18 September 2007  •  5 Comments

It takes a great deal for me to cry, especially when watching films or short videos. But this one is an exception. I love you, Sheero. I love you, Choknat and Harry. I love you Patatats, Spike, Coal, Scout, Crunchie, Kuton, Whitey, Tootie, and Cho-Cho. Hugs! 🙂

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Sheero’s UP Vet Med Teaching Hospital experience 13 August 2007  •  78 Comments

I’ll have to admit that I haven’t been blogging much about my dogs lately. Sheero’s been sick, and I just didn’t have the heart to write about them 🙁 Marc, my husband, and I normally bring our dogs to Animal House for check-ups and x-rays. My dad prefers the University […]

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Bath time! 25 June 2007  •  Be the first to comment

My dogs don’t like taking baths. Or rather, Sheero hates taking baths. Look how pissed she was at me: Choknat wasn’t too happy about the bath either, but I guess he missed hanging out with me so much that he didn’t seem to mind at all: Harry… Well, I really […]

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Walking a spoiled dog 14 June 2007  •  One Comment

I think it wouldn’t come as a surprise if I say that Sheero is a spoiled dog. She’s famous in the Philippine blogosphere for a dog in her own right (well, in my opinion at least!), and anybody who met her has seen how Marc and I pamper her with […]

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