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Pet bloggers, say “aye!” 16 August 2007  •  3 Comments

Anybody who blogs about pets out there? Here’s a chance for us dog-lovers (ok fine, “animal-lovers”) to meet and greet! SM Hypermarket invites you to the biggest blogger party and announcement of winners of the SM Hypermarket Blog Writing Contest (you have until August 21 to join!). What: SM Hypermarket […]

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Shih Tzu 6 July 2007  •  4 Comments

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. Sheero is a mixed breed, but I never really knew what breed exactly was mixed with her Japanese Spitz descent. I once suspected her of having a Terrier parent, but that’s mainly due to her innate hunting skills. Another breed I considered was a […]

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Dog meet, anyone? 3 February 2007  •  3 Comments

Jayvee had this crazy idea of having Pinoy bloggers get together in one place, and bring their dogs. Sasha and Abe‘s dogs came from me, so I don’t think Sheero would mind hanging out with her sons. Besides, these two are quite young. What I’m worried about is how Jayvee’s […]

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Noemi’s new Boxer 29 January 2007  •  3 Comments

Ok fine, it wasn’t a semi-hiatus—it was a full-fledged one. I had really no idea how to go about the direction of this blog, but I just didn’t have the heart to let it rot. So there. I’m back from hiatus (well, sorta… kinda…), and I’m just here to blog […]

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Who says that only humans can enjoy social networking? 12 October 2006  •  3 Comments

Your dogs can too, you know. You might just have to help them a bit (I don’t think it’ll be easy for them to type—those paws can be a huge hurdle!). Dogster has been up long already, actually. They’ve even won a Webby Award too. But if you haven’t seen […]

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