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Doggie Day Fair 2

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Our own little dog sanctuary 29 July 2008  •  Be the first to comment

Before the family transferred to our new home in Antipolo, I’ve lived along Katipunan Avenue all my life (the C5 Katipunan Extension, to be more precise). Our street (or more appropriately, highway) was always busy with cars going to and from Ateneo, Miriam, or UP, or simply passing by since […]

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Do dogs have souls? 24 June 2008  •  19 Comments

Even since our beloved Sheero passed away last October, I’ve wondered a lot about that. Do dogs have souls? Could really there be a Rainbow Bridge where spirits of our loyal pets go to and play while they wait for us? The dream I had last night made me wonder […]

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Dog friendships 22 May 2008  •  5 Comments

One of the things I like about having a lot of dogs is being able to see how they interact with their dog pack fellows. It helps me understand my pets better, and in the process, learn how to be a better pet owner and their “pack leader.” I’ve long […]

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New house: A new dog territory! 14 April 2008  •  One Comment

Sorry for the lack of updates. My family (both humans and dogs) just transferred to a new home here in lower Antipolo in Rizal. It’s been quite stressful for all of us—even the dogs. I think Shantee‘s the only one who didn’t find it stressful at all, just another great […]

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Dogs in the office 21 February 2008  •  6 Comments

Ever since I started working full-time on the web design company my husband and I own, I’ve been so used to having my dogs with me at our home office. Harry stayed under my desk (it was like having a furry rug under my feet), and Choknat under the printer’s […]

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Does your dog say “sorry?” 18 February 2008  •  4 Comments

Apologizing is one of the things some of us humans have a hard time doing, especially if you’ve got a lot of pride. Others find it very difficult to acknowledge their mistakes, but some also find it easy to say “I’m sorry” even if they don’t really mean it. Before […]

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Designer dog beds 17 February 2008  •  4 Comments

Note to our readers: This is a sponsored post, but you can be assured that I’ll try my best to be as objective as possible since we all want the best for our dogs, don’t we? 🙂 Do you own a spoiled dog? Well, I do. Actually, all of our […]

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Dogs and children 4 February 2008  •  One Comment

When we first got Shantee, Marc and I searched the Web for information on Shih Tzus—particularly Imperial Shih Tzus (or Princess type, as they call it locally). Yeah, I know. We should have searched info first before getting one 😛 But Shantee was so adorable, we couldn’t resist buying here […]

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Shantee the “Ghost Checker” 1 February 2008  •  Be the first to comment

For the past month, my family had been looking at houses all over Quezon City. Ever since we’ve finalized our decision to move, we’ve been “hunting” for the perfect house. It was only last week when we finally decided on which home to get. It had been difficult looking for […]

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Shantee’s first Holiday celebrations 2 January 2008  •  Be the first to comment

Shantee survived her first-ever New Year celebration. Actually, I even think she took it in stride, although she was really scared of sparklers 😛 I guess all that light was so new to her. That’s me with Shantee lighting a sparkler about an hour before the New Year celebration went […]

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