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A New Year’s reminder to dog-owners! 30 December 2007  •  3 Comments

Although there are a lot of public service announcements and reminders on TV about the use of fireworks this coming New Year’s Eve, a lot of Filipinos still insist on keeping up with the tradition of welcoming the new year with a bang. Even our family does—at least just this […]

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All natural dog food for the picky pet owner 19 December 2007  •  3 Comments

This is a sponsored post, but do read on. It’s quite informative, promise 🙂 What does it really mean when you say “natural dog food?” Some of my dog-loving relatives and friends have tossed this word around, each saying that they’re feeding their dogs the best natural dog food. But […]

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The “Marshmallow Test” 9 December 2007  •  Be the first to comment

Do you remember the TV commercial where a series of kids were asked to have the “Marshmallow Test,” which tested the kids’ response to delayed gratification? I think it was some kind of a milk commercial. Ever tried doing something like that with your dog? We did last year. Only […]

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Sheero’s first post: My Taste Asia Adventure 27 August 2007  •  19 Comments

I’ve always found it weird blogging “for” my dogs, like as if they’re the ones writing the entries. But in this instance, I find no better way than to tell the Taste Asia party in Sheero’s perspective. Enjoy! 😀 My dad Marc wanted to go to the Mall of Asia […]

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Sheero’s UP Vet Med Teaching Hospital experience 13 August 2007  •  78 Comments

I’ll have to admit that I haven’t been blogging much about my dogs lately. Sheero’s been sick, and I just didn’t have the heart to write about them 🙁 Marc, my husband, and I normally bring our dogs to Animal House for check-ups and x-rays. My dad prefers the University […]

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The white-furred demon 18 June 2007  •  Be the first to comment

That’s Peter the Hamster on the foreground. If you’re an avid fan of the TV series, Supernatural, you’d know about the Yellow-Eyed Demon. Well, we have our own White-Furred Demon: Sheero! Although Sheero and I have been trying to schedule a regular “walk-the-Sheero” task (in our desperate attempt to get […]

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Walking a spoiled dog 14 June 2007  •  One Comment

I think it wouldn’t come as a surprise if I say that Sheero is a spoiled dog. She’s famous in the Philippine blogosphere for a dog in her own right (well, in my opinion at least!), and anybody who met her has seen how Marc and I pamper her with […]

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Choknat, the Bonsai hobbyist 4 June 2007  •  6 Comments

Apart from barking at my husband, Marc, Choknat has a new hobby: He’s now a Bonsai hobbyist! The Bonsai was a present from my aunt (she wanted us to get into the Bonsai hobby), but Choknat took it upon himself to take care of this plant. He trims it regularly […]

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My cute, white and short hunting dog 12 April 2007  •  2 Comments

It’s been almost a month since my last post. Sorry about that. I’ve been extremely busy with my other blogs, design work and the recently concluded Philippine Blog Awards. I haven’t got much free time—or rather, fun blog time—till now. I still got a lot to do, but at least […]

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The House Guest 5 March 2007  •  8 Comments

Pardon the grainy image, I forgot to turn on the Night Mode of my camera phone 🙂 This is James, our house guest for the weekend. Since we couldn’t go with them for a weekend at the beach (I was sick), Marc and I became the dog-sitters for Abe‘s dog. […]

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