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Suryia and Roscoe: BFFs!!! 20 January 2010  •  Be the first to comment

Suryia is an Orangutan and Roscoe is a dog, and they’re BFFs! (Best Friends Forever). Two years ago, Roscoe wandered into The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (TIGERS)’s compound and met Suryia, TIGERS’ animal ambassador. Since then, the two became friends — best of friends! No one came […]

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Dogs in the office 21 February 2008  •  6 Comments

Ever since I started working full-time on the web design company my husband and I own, I’ve been so used to having my dogs with me at our home office. Harry stayed under my desk (it was like having a furry rug under my feet), and Choknat under the printer’s […]

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Dogs and children 4 February 2008  •  One Comment

When we first got Shantee, Marc and I searched the Web for information on Shih Tzusā€”particularly Imperial Shih Tzus (or Princess type, as they call it locally). Yeah, I know. We should have searched info first before getting one šŸ˜› But Shantee was so adorable, we couldn’t resist buying here […]

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