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Doggie Day Fair 2

Pinoy Dog-Lover’s Journal

Photo Day Sunday: Gossips! 13 December 2009  •  Be the first to comment

Here’s a little something to end your week: Gossips! That’s Kubrick and Choknat “gossiping” on the wooden swing in our garden. Kubrick gets along pretty well with all our other dogs (being the friendly pup that he is), but sometimes he doesn’t like them getting too close (he’s so small, […]

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Chillin’ at Sonya’s Garden with the doggies! 7 June 2009  •  7 Comments

I’ve been wanting to post this entry for the past week, but I just didn’t have the time to because of work. I don’t normally like being bugged down by work, but we had quite a relaxing weekend last week so I was pretty much rejuvenated. You see, my husband […]

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Welcome home, Kubrick! 2 March 2009  •  8 Comments

Come and meet the newest member of our family, Kubrick! Kubrick is named after the default WordPress theme, Kubrick! It’s a really nerdy way of naming our new pup, but my husband wanted to name him with something that’s related to web design and development ๐Ÿ˜› We thought of naming […]

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The dogs of Batanes 4 December 2008  •  3 Comments

Every time I visit a new province, I make sure that I’m able to take photos of the native dogs in the area. For some reason, capturing the dogs in their natural environment somehow shows me a glimpse of a province’s culture in one simple photograph. Life in Batanes is […]

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Happy Birthday, Shantee! 9 September 2008  •  4 Comments

Birthday greetings to our special girl: Shantee! She turns one year old today ๐Ÿ™‚

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Our own little dog sanctuary 29 July 2008  •  Be the first to comment

Before the family transferred to our new home in Antipolo, I’ve lived along Katipunan Avenue all my life (the C5 Katipunan Extension, to be more precise). Our street (or more appropriately, highway) was always busy with cars going to and from Ateneo, Miriam, or UP, or simply passing by since […]

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Back from hiatus! 24 July 2008  •  Be the first to comment

I found it quite hard to blog here again ever since I wrote my previous entry about Sheero visiting me in a dream. I don’t know why… I guess I just really, really miss her. Somehow, I felt that anything I would write on this blog would not even be […]

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Photo Day Sunday: Shantee’s fasion statement 18 May 2008  •  3 Comments

Here’s a little tribute to my tiny Dog Fashionista… Shantee! That’s Shantee at about four months old frolicking in the grass at Bonifacio High Street.

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Photo day Sunday: “Looking forward” 11 May 2008  •  Be the first to comment

I’m redesigning this blog soon, so I thought of adding a new site feature as well: Photo Day Sunday. I was just going through my offline photo archive, and I realized that I just have a lot of dog photos just waiting to be published. So I thought I’d share […]

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New house: A new dog territory! 14 April 2008  •  One Comment

Sorry for the lack of updates. My family (both humans and dogs) just transferred to a new home here in lower Antipolo in Rizal. It’s been quite stressful for all of usโ€”even the dogs. I think Shantee‘s the only one who didn’t find it stressful at all, just another great […]

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