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Doggie Day Fair 2

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The House Guest 5 March 2007  •  8 Comments

Pardon the grainy image, I forgot to turn on the Night Mode of my camera phone 🙂 This is James, our house guest for the weekend. Since we couldn’t go with them for a weekend at the beach (I was sick), Marc and I became the dog-sitters for Abe‘s dog. […]

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How much is that Harry by the window? 1 March 2007  •  One Comment

My husband, Marc, only allows Sheero to stay inside our house. He doesn’t like having Choknat and Harry inside—they sneak in (and I let them hehe) whenever he’s not home. But when Marc is home, Harry can only sit on our garden bench and into the window to watch me […]

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It’s summer time! 24 February 2007  •  Be the first to comment

Finally. I was already scaring the wits out of me on the possibility of the End of Days occurring soon. I thought the weather has totally gone insane. Marc’s going to kill me when he sees this photo… But Sheero was thirsty, and she wanted cold water. Imagine if you […]

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Tommy enters the seminary 5 February 2007  •  2 Comments

Tommy was one of the puppies Sheero had (Harry and Choknat were both the dads!) a few months ago. And yes, he did enter the seminary yesterday. Seriously. Marc even drove him over at the San Jose seminary in Marikina. We gave him to Father Banjo, the priest who wed […]

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Adjusting to new situations 1 February 2007  •  One Comment

I’ve gotten married last November, and from what I have seen for the past months, my dogs didn’t like it a bit. Well, maybe except for Sheero, who loved my husband, Marc. The other two, Harry and Choknat, hated the new setup—and they hated Marc. As much as Marc loved […]

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We’re on semi-hiatus! 2 November 2006  •  One Comment

Ok, there you have it… I finally said it. This blog is officially on semi-hiatus. By “semi” I mean, I’ll probably still post a few entries every now and then. But until I finish this custom theme I’m working on for this blog, I won’t be doing much update. I […]

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More on the “dog pack” 17 October 2006  •  Be the first to comment

I’ve been sick for the past few days—I know I should be working right now instead of surfing, but I just can’t help it 😀 It’s been a while since I last visited the Dog Whispherer‘s blog. I have never seen an episode of it (I don’t think it’s available […]

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Sheero is a mommy again! 12 October 2006  •  Be the first to comment

My dog princess, Sheero, just gave birth again today! 😀 The pups are still hidden though, so I really don’t know for sure how many there are yet. My fiance and I met up with a few blogger friends today, and thank goodness two of them wanted one. My mom’s […]

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Our own dog pack 11 October 2006  •  Be the first to comment

It’s in the nature of canines to form “packs“—it’s part of their nature. If you only have one dog at home, this behavior isn’t noticeable for the simple reason that there aren’t any other dogs for you to compare their “ranking” (although dogs are known to make their human family […]

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What’s your dog’s personality? 8 October 2006  •  Be the first to comment

If your dog is more than just a household appliance (ie. burglar alarm), you will notice that they also have their own personalities—just like humans. We’ve got 13 dogs in the house, but we know the personality of each and every one of them (I’ve actually made a write-up for […]

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