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We’re still alive and kicking! 4 February 2014  •  Be the first to comment

Yep, that’s right. We are still very much alive folks. Our account was compromised last month (the watch dog must have been asleep when it happened), and it took a while before I finally had the heart to re-install everything wiped out during the cleanup. As you can see, there […]

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Pinoy Dog-Lover decorated for Christmas! 19 December 2012  •  Be the first to comment

We’ve decorated Pinoy Dog-Lover for the holidays! Hope you guys like it 🙂 We don’t have snow here in the Philippines, but it seemed like a fun Christmas concept! Even if we can’t have real snow, at least the blog can have some 😀 I know, I know. I’ve been […]

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Back from hiatus! 24 July 2008  •  Be the first to comment

I found it quite hard to blog here again ever since I wrote my previous entry about Sheero visiting me in a dream. I don’t know why… I guess I just really, really miss her. Somehow, I felt that anything I would write on this blog would not even be […]

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Photo day Sunday: “Looking forward” 11 May 2008  •  Be the first to comment

I’m redesigning this blog soon, so I thought of adding a new site feature as well: Photo Day Sunday. I was just going through my offline photo archive, and I realized that I just have a lot of dog photos just waiting to be published. So I thought I’d share […]

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We wish you… 25 December 2007  •  Be the first to comment

… a Merry Christmas! We wish you the best this Yuletide season! From all us here at PinoyDogLover.Com—Gail, Marc and Joyce, not to mention our canine family: Shantee, Harry, Choknat, Spike, Coal, Scout, Crunchie, Kuton, Whitey, Tootie, and Patatats! Sheero also sends her greetings from Rainbow Bridge 🙂

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We’re on semi-hiatus! 2 November 2006  •  One Comment

Ok, there you have it… I finally said it. This blog is officially on semi-hiatus. By “semi” I mean, I’ll probably still post a few entries every now and then. But until I finish this custom theme I’m working on for this blog, I won’t be doing much update. I […]

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Hello world! 8 October 2006  •  One Comment

And hello indeed. The title is overused (every single default installation of WordPress has this), but I really think it best describes what this post is all about: Pinoy Dog-Lover saying hello to the world! Welcome to the Pinoy Dog-Lover blog! At a glance, I would think it’s pretty obvious […]

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