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Doggie Day Fair 2

Special Dogs

Canine heroes in Sendong disaster 22 December 2011  •  9 Comments

In every disaster, we have heroes. Selfless heroes going beyond the human instinct for survival. But every now and then, we hear stories of extraordinary dogs proving their nickname: man’s best friend. So far I’ve been able to gather two stories. I’ll give an overview here in the blog, but […]

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The dogs of Batanes 4 December 2008  •  3 Comments

Every time I visit a new province, I make sure that I’m able to take photos of the native dogs in the area. For some reason, capturing the dogs in their natural environment somehow shows me a glimpse of a province’s culture in one simple photograph. Life in Batanes is […]

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Dogs in the office 21 February 2008  •  6 Comments

Ever since I started working full-time on the web design company my husband and I own, I’ve been so used to having my dogs with me at our home office. Harry stayed under my desk (it was like having a furry rug under my feet), and Choknat under the printer’s […]

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A breed unnoticed: The Philippine “Askal” 2 December 2007  •  86 Comments

It seems that the Shih Tzu breed is becoming quite a trend with dog owners lately. Just go to pet-friendly shopping centers like Eastwood City and Tiendesitas—you’ll see them everywhere. A few years ago, it was the Labrador Retriever popular in homes. That makes me wonder… Will there ever come […]

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Mold testing with dogs 15 August 2007  •  Be the first to comment

This is a sponsored post. Meet Hunter, a fully certified mold dog. He’s currently employed by Advanced Mold Diagnostics from New Jersey, helping the company get rid of mold and their sources from homes infected by these fungi. According to their site, molds result from moisture and can be very […]

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