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Doggie Day Fair 2

Choknat, the Bonsai hobbyist

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Apart from barking at my husband, Marc, Choknat has a new hobby:

Choknat Bonsai hobbyist dog

He’s now a Bonsai hobbyist!

The Bonsai was a present from my aunt (she wanted us to get into the Bonsai hobby), but Choknat took it upon himself to take care of this plant. He trims it regularly (he doesn’t eat the leaves, he actually spits them out after removing from the little branches), and even tries to “water” it with his pee. Choknat still has a lot to learn in gardening (like, you water plants with water, not pee), but he’s getting there. He actually loves the plant so much that whenever he’s beside it and his brother Harry (or any of our other dogs) tries to get near his precious, he gets really pissed and growls at him.

Weird dog.

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