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Christmas gift ideas for your pooches!

Admit it… Some of us like to spoil our pets! Usually, when a dog is such a part of the family, we can’t avoid not including them in our Christmas list.

Don’t have a gift for your pooch yet? Check out some of these Christmas gift ideas you can give your dog! Some of these are also great gifts for your dog-lover friend 🙂

  • Alpo Chop House – How about giving your pet a “special” meal this Christmas? Our dogs love Alpo Chop House, so every Christmas we try to give our dogs a can each. We usually mix the wet food with the dry kibbles, but for Christmas, we let them have something special — their favorite, all wet dog food!
  • Beggin’ Strips – Another treat our pets can’t refuse! They go crazy over Beggin’ Strips. If your dog fancies these treats as much as my dogs do, I’m pretty sure this is a gift they would surely love.
  • Customized dog tag – Your dog might not appreciate this as much as you would (since a pet tag is mostly for information purposes). But pets like Shantee — who enjoys wearing “things” — certainly will! It’s like having a custom “pendant!” 😀 You can get one customized for your pets (and even decorate it with charms!) from Will Wag for Tags.
  • Doggie clothes – Perfect for dogs who like to dress up! Get them something new this holiday season, something they can even wear and show off during your parties. Dogs who love attention will definitely enjoy wearing new stuff (I know our Shantee certainly does). Check out Doodles Paw Couture, they even have holiday-themed dresses for your pooches!
  • Pooch accessories – How about a new collar for your pet? Or a harness with a brand-new leash? Or maybe even a portable water dispenser? You can get these and more from Bow & Wow. They’ve got lots of stuff for your pets, and with your purchase, you could even help out a pet in need with their current Christmas program.
  • Pet massage and Grooming – If you’re sure (and I do mean absolutely sure) your pet would like a massage from a stranger, then by all means get him one for Christmas. Same goes for grooming. But if the massage or grooming session would only stress your dog, it might be better if you give him something he’ll enjoy more. After all, you wouldn’t want your pet to be stressed out because of your “gift,” would you?
  • Doggie day out – Got a very social dog? Take him out for a doggie day out! Dedicate an entire day just for him, visit pet-friendly places like Eastwood City or Bonifacio High Street where your pet can meet up with his fellow canines for an afternoon of fun!
  • A Christmas “walkies” – Saving money this Christmas? Well, here’s one gift I’m pretty sure any balanced dog will love: WALKIES! Just make sure you give your dog his Christmas walkies before the usual Yuletide fireworks, or you’ll both end up stressed out instead of having fun 😛

But you know what? Even if you don’t give your dog a gift this Christmas, he’d still love you just the same. He’ll be happy as long as he has you. Such loyal and caring creatures — that’s why we can’t help but love them! 🙂

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