This is a blog of a proud dog owner in Manila, Philippines.
Our dogs aren't just pets to us, they're family!

Doggie Day Fair 2


The entries on this blog were written based on experience as a dog owner and research on the Internet. I do not claim having professional nor educational background on veterinary medicine. Should you decide to take my advice or imitate my experience, you are entirely responsible for your own actions. I am merely sharing my experiences with my own dogs—it’s entirely up to you if you would like to do the same for your pet. If you’re in doubt, I would strongly suggest you consult with your pet’s veterinarian.

And please… I’m a web designer by profession—I’m not your vet. If you have medical or any of those dog behavior issues, please consult a vet. I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with them.

I made the Pinoy Dog Lover logo art and web site design, in addition to (site template is still under construction) the texts, graphics and photos that you see on this blog (unless otherwise stated). Should you wish to borrow my content, please do me the courtesy of a link back or credit. For commercial use, please ask for my permission first through email.

Welcome to Pinoy Dog-Lover. Feel free to explore the blog, and let's talk about those furry creatures we all love: DOGS!