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Do dogs grieve?

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Do dogs grieve? I honestly think they do.

Waiting for Joyce

When I lost Sheero, our human family wasn’t the only one who grieved over her passing. Coal, our black Labrador Retriever, was closest to her. We heard him howling every night for about a week after Sheero’s passing—his way of showing how much he missed her.

But what about when dogs lose their human friends?

I have read stories of pets expressing grief over their departed human best friends. How one dog kept waiting for his friend at a train station even after his human passed away—stories like that are heart-wrenching, but I never really knew anybody personally who left behind a dog. That is, until my husband’s godmother lost the battle with cancer about a month ago.

Tita Mila wasn’t only my husband’s godmother, she was also one of our wedding sponsors. She was kind, and was an animal-lover. Skittles, a beautiful Shih Tzu, was her “baby.” They were inseparable.

When Marc and I went to Tita Mila’s wake, we were surprised to hear barking. It was the first time I heard barking at a wake. Funeral parlors and chapels usually don’t allow them, but I guess Skittles was so special to Tita Mila that her family did everything they could so that the dog could be there as they kept vigil.

Skittles was very friendly, she greeted us happily. But when she neared the coffin, her mood suddenly changed—Skittles’ sadness was obvious. It was a heart-breaking scene—sad little Skittles cried as she kept trying to reach the elevated coffin, she wanted to cuddle with her departed mommy 🙁

Dogs do grieve. Their loyalty and love for us are not only unconditional, but everlasting as well. They will love us even after we die.

Ah. I guess that’s another reason why I love dogs so much 🙂

** Beautiful aspin on photo is Kutonbol, one of my sister’s favorite dogs. In the picture, Kutonbol waits for Joyce to come home from school.

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  • ryma says:

    That is so sad especially if she can’t be with her mommy this Christmas…Speaking of Christmas, just to lighten up this sad story, I would like to share what I’ve found today, It allows you to create animated e-cards featuring a chorus of singing and dancing pets that bark or meow your favorite holiday songs. I used it to send holiday e-cards to my friends and they all love it!

  • sj says:

    My dog also knows how to show repentance. Whenever he commits mistakes (like munching on a neighbor’s Havaianas and my bra), he would cower and hide from me especially when he hears my scolding voice. He drops his ears close to his head, tucks his tail in between hind legs, close his eyes and play dead.
    I couldnt last being angry when I see Snow like that.

  • Charlie says:

    This blog made my mom cry. Poor Skittles!


  • voltz says:

    its really a heart wrenching story about the dog who still waiting in the train station wich he didnt know the human is dead? i ahve so many dogs breed dogs and askal who sleep in my room.. i really love them so much.. i know they grieve coz one of my dog passed away. my askal dog is crying and the 3 cats.

  • puppy says:

    oh my…this is very sad story….love it…:D

  • Girlie says:

    I cried for this one… I will love my dog as long as I can…

  • Ley says:

    I came across your blog researching about dog lovers in the philippines. Very nice blog. Hope you keep writing about dogs.

    PS Our black lab’s name is Coal too 🙂 He’s adorable! The thought that he could die someday tears me up. 🙁

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