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Doggie Day Fair 2

Do dogs have souls?

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Even since our beloved Sheero passed away last October, I’ve wondered a lot about that. Do dogs have souls? Could really there be a Rainbow Bridge where spirits of our loyal pets go to and play while they wait for us? The dream I had last night made me wonder even more.

I normally dream of seemingly useless and unrelated things, but last night, it was different. I dreamed of playing with my late baby Sheero.

I dreamed of Sheero often the first few weeks she passed away. It’s normal, isn’t it? After all, it was during that time when I still couldn’t believe that Sheero already left us. My dreams of her were usually “re-enactments” of the times we have spent together, like as if she was still alive. What made my dream last night very different was the fact that I knew she was no longer alive, and it was a ghost of her I was playing with.

Sweet little Sheero

I dreamed that we were on a small patch of grass on a cliff overlooking houses and streets. I think it might have been somewhere in Antipolo, or maybe Palawan. I wasn’t sure, all I knew was I felt peacefully happy.

Sheero and I were playing. She wasn’t on a leash, rather, she was running around happily around me while I chased her. She slowed down every now and then so I could catch up, and when I did, she jumped on her hind legs and gave me doggy kisses. I hugged her.

The whole time we were playing, I was aware she was no longer alive. A spirit, maybe. But it was the spirit of my beloved and loyal pet who always understood what I was thinking.

It was silly to think that she would respond if I spoke to her, but I felt she would, somehow. So I did.

“Sheero, can I come with you? I missed you so much.”

I don’t know how I heard it, but she managed to tell me “not yet, Mommy, but we’ll be together again. Just not at this time.” Though it was a dream where anything can happen—where pigs can fly and pets can talk like they do in cartoons—she still didn’t speak. She just looked at me and somehow I understood that that was what she was answered, the same way she made me feel better when I was down during the time she still alive.

Maybe it’s just a grieving pet owner’s wishful thinking, but that night I felt she was really with me—I felt my little doggy angel visit me in my dreams. Maybe dogs do have souls, maybe they don’t. But this dream lifted something heavy from my shoulders; somehow it gave me hope. I can now accept my fur-baby Sheero is gone, but her spirit still lives on… Somewhere by the Rainbow Bridge, my little Sheero waits for me 🙂

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