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Dog-friendly shopping

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Most of the people I know who live in the south of the metropolitan aren’t aware that they can take their dogs shopping while in Eastwood City. Not surprising, really, since it’s quite far from them. But yeah, you CAN take your dog shopping there.

I’ve already brought Sheero there once, and she had the time of her life. I was worried when I brought her there for the first time, actually. I had no idea that the signs I saw all over Eastwood that says “Eastwood City is a pet-friendly place” or something like that meant that I CAN bring her shopping with me. I just thought she can only roam the open areas, but no. I’m allowed to bring her even INSIDE the mall itself, as one of the guards kindly corrected me.
If you’re looking for a mall where you can shop and bring your dog along with you, well, you can try the one in Eastwood City. After all, who said that your dog can’t enjoy “gimmicks” too?

It might be best to give your dog a bath first before going there though… Because I tell you, dogs roaming the mall do attract attention. It’s kind of embarrassing to be caught with the smelly mutt, don’t you think?

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