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Doggie Day Fair 2

Doggie Fun Fair Year 2 is here!

If you’ve been to last year’s Doggie Fun Fair, you’ll remember how fun it was. If you’ve missed it, never fear! Doggie Fun Fair: Manila’s Biggest Dog Festival Year 2, will be held this coming Sunday, 24 November 2013 at the Globe Circuit Grounds in Makati from 9AM to 5:30PM.

We’ve actually posted about the event already in the Pinoy Dog-Lover Facebook page, but in case you haven’t seen the poster yet, here you go!

Doggie Fun Fair: Manila’s Biggest Dog Festival Year 2, happening this NOVEMBER 24, 2013 at GLOBE CIRCUIT GROUNDS MAKATI from 9:00am- 5:30pm. Brought to you by Petlovers Closet and Online Philippines Corporation. Beneficiaries will include CARA Welfare Philippines. This is an annual event where dog lovers all over the country, fly over Manila to enjoy, unite and spread the advocacy of responsible pet ownership in the Philippines. An event where even non- dog lovers learned to appreciate and love dogs.

Definitely a must-attend event for all families, friends and collegues! Enjoy great fun and excitement as you play frisbee with your dogs around the wide field of the event grounds, shop til you drop for your dog’s clothes, beds and necessities. Enjoy a variety of cuisines from food stalls and food trucks! Listen to knowledgeable speakers as they give us FREE informative talks about dog training, pet first aid, dog health issues and many more services for your furbabies.

For only Php75 per person (regardless of how many dogs you’ll be bringing),  attendees or  the attendees’ pets can get the following at Doggie Fun Fair:

✔ FREE Dry and Wet Grooming
✔ Pet First Aid for emergency
✔ FREE Deworming
✔ Raffle Contest, WIN Prizes!
✔ FREE Blood Tests
✔ Support Beneficiaries
✔ FREE Dog Training Consultation
✔ IN THEIR PAWS Fashion Show
✔ FREE Veterinary Consultation
✔ Talent Contest, time to show- off!
✔ FREE Pet Blessing
✔ Meet& Greet w/ Dog Groups
✔ FREE Photobooth
✔ Family Games, bond with your dog.
✔ FREE Rabies Vaccination
✔ Shop til you Drop! Bring Cash!
✔ FREE Informative Talks
✔ Food Trip! Leave w/ a happy tummy

A part of this event will be a PAW-shion Show, with the theme: In Their Paws, wherein humans will be dressed as their dogs as their dogs will be dressed like their owners. If we were in our dog’s paws, how would we want to be treated? Want to join as a Fashion Contestant? Click Here to Register as a Fashion Contestant

CLICK HERE to watch the Post- Video Coverage from Last Year’s Doggie Fun Fair.The attendees really had a BLAST! (that’s why we’re bringing it back this year!)


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