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Doggie Day Fair 2

Dogs in the office

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Ever since I started working full-time on the web design company my husband and I own, I’ve been so used to having my dogs with me at our home office. Harry stayed under my desk (it was like having a furry rug under my feet), and Choknat under the printer’s table. Sheero used to like curling up on the dog mat I bought for them—there wasn’t too much room under my desk, so she just let Harry and Choknat stay there. She was already happy just having me on her line of sight.

My furry employee

Shantee used to be satisfied to curl up just under the desk (she’s so small it didn’t matter if there wasn’t much room), but now she insists on sleeping on my lap while I worked.

After Marc resigned from his day job and started working full-time on our company, he had wanted to impose a “no dogs in the office” policy. But I stood my ground. I couldn’t work properly without my dogs near me—I’ve just been so used to having them around that I found it really hard to come up with designs when they weren’t there. I suppose this effect on creative productivity convinced my husband that he just had to get used to having the dogs in the office 😛

Maybe it’s because it’s just what I’m used to, but really, having dogs in the office can help a workers’ productivity. I saw a documentary on TV about a dog who’s job was to hang out in the office and keep the employees happy. Some job eh? The dog loved it. 😀 I even know of a local company that had a cat in the office.

Dog stressed with work
Shantee pretending to be “stressed” with work

I don’t know what the effect of having furry friends in the office for other people, but for me, my dogs somehow alleviate my stress. Seeing Shantee curled up on my lap calms me down even after seeing an email message that really pissed me off. It’s hard to do anything productive when you’re in a bad mood (especially in my line of work, it’s hard to get inspired and create designs in a bad mood), but my dogs take care of that. One look at my furry friends napping loyally beside me doesn’t fail to bring a smile on my face no matter how terrible my mood was.

I’m so lucky I have these furry guys (and girl) beside me 🙂 And yep, I’m still having pets in the office even after we move to our new home.

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