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Doggie Day Fair 2

Fun and the sun at the Doggie Fun Fair

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Whew! This is such a long overdue post. I’ve been on sick bay for the past week, and work has been quite hectic too. Finally got to sit down and blog!

Doggie Fun Fair at Circulo Verde

As you all know, the Doggie Fun Fair was held last 26 August 2012 at the Circulo Verde Open Field. My sister Joyce has been showing interest in bringing Pixel to dog events (we all thought Pixel needs to be more socialized!), so together with my husband Marc, we attended Manila’s biggest dog festival: Doggie Fun Fair!

We were only able to stay in the morning, as we had to go home before our dad leaves for work and keep our mom company. But it seems the furkids had a blast! While my sister and I went around checking out booths, Marc played with the dogs in the open field.

Shantee and Kubrick having fun

Kubrick just couldn’t resist showing off his dog agility skills courtesy of Busy Paws… The other dogs were impressed, yes?

Kubrick showing off

There were so many booths selling dog-related stuff…

Dog-related stuff!

Dogs of all sizes were everywhere! Some of the merchants even took their furry buddies along with them too. Makes selling stuff more fun, don’t you think?

Dog-friendly merchants

This is probably Shantee’s favorite booth: they were offering freebies for dogs! Free treats and milk. Shantee just couldn’t resist:

Food booths for doggies!

Of course, food was available for people too. You can buy picnic-friendly food from the merchants.

Food booths

We weren’t able to catch much of the talks at the covered tent. Our friends from PAWS and CARA Welfare Philippines were there!

CARA at Doggie Fun Fair

It was a really fun fair for dogs and the entire human family. Even the sun agreed with them! I was surprised it was very sunny that day… A few days before, it was raining quite often. But I guess the sun thought it best to give families and their furkids a break 🙂 Although I wished they had more tents or shade for the attendees and their pets… It was sweltering hot that morning, and I already had to nurse a sunburn for a few days even if we didn’t stay too long. But other than that, it was well-organized and such fun for dogs and humans alike! Till next year!!! 🙂

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