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Doggie Day Fair 2

Good bye 2011, hello 2012!

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Happy New Year, everyone! We hope you all had a safe New Year celebration. We had a simple one here at home with the family, and just watched our neighbors’ fireworks when the clock struck twelve. Shantee and the others were hiding in our bedroom the entire time; I thought Kubrick was there all along. When a huge bang went off nearby, I was really surprised when something furry tried to jump on me! 😛 Apparently, Kubrick sneaked out and followed us. Either he wanted to watch the fireworks too, or he’d brave anything just to by my side — I rather think it’s the latter 😛

I honestly have a lot of mixed feelings about the events in 2011. Typhoon Sendong was such a horrible catastrophe, claiming so many lives of people and animals alike. But it was also a year of changes, especially for my dog blogs.

2011 saw the blog redesign of both Pinoy Dog-Lover and Dog Fashionista after so long, as well as our first-ever participation in a pet event as a media partner. We also had our first major blog contest with awesome prizes thanks to our generous sponsors. Kubrick even won the Crypt Keeper’s Choice (Most Original Costume) in PAWS’ annual Scaredy Cats and Dogs Halloween costume contest.

But that’s not the best part… For me (as well as the rest of The Canine Crew), the best thing in 2011 was being able to get to know fellow dog-lovers and their pooches. Some we’ve met in real life for doggie dates, others we’ve interacted more than ever online. Simply put, it’s YOU guys, our readers, who’ve made our 2011 worthwhile 🙂

Thank you for being part of our 2011, most especially for supporting our blogs! We’re looking forward to another happy year with all of you, and we hope you’ll continue to be part of our journey to another meaningful year in Pinoy Dog-Lover.

Yours truly,
Gail, Shantee, Kubrick, Pixel, Leica, Patatas and Popoy.

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