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Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser

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The weather has been really weird lately. We get downpours of rain, but every now and then, it’s sweltering heat we need to endure. My dogs are naturally long-haired, so it’s always important to keep them hydrated — at home, or anywhere.

Thanks to Bow & Wow, we were able to try out Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser for our Shih Tzu who loves going out: Shantee!

The Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser is best for pets on the go, especially those who love to run and play! Like people, pets get thirsty too. Probably even more so — after all, they’re covered in fur. But unlike us humans, dogs cannot buy drinks for themselves to satisfy their thirst — it’s the role of every responsible pet owner to bring hydration for the dog when going out with them.

There are places here in Manila, like in Eastwood City, that are so pet-friendly that water stations for thirsty dogs are provided. But, unfortunately for Shantee, the water dispenser was dry when we were there.

Good thing we brought her own drink!

The Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser is pretty convenient. I placed a filled one inside my bag, and because of its mechanism, my belongings remained dry. No spillage!

Now Shantee gets to enjoy the sun as much as she wants without me worrying about dehydration. You can get Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser at Bow & Wow stores in Shangri-La Mall (Mandaluyong) or Greenbelt Makati. For more details, visit the official Bow & Wow website.

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