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Our dogs aren't just pets to us, they're family!

Doggie Day Fair 2

Hello world!

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And hello indeed. The title is overused (every single default installation of WordPress has this), but I really think it best describes what this post is all about: Pinoy Dog-Lover saying hello to the world!

Welcome to the Pinoy Dog-Lover blog!

At a glance, I would think it’s pretty obvious what this blog will be all about: DOGS. I love dogs, and I would like to share my experiences with my pooches to the world. Before anything though… I am NOT a vet. So please don’t even think of asking me for remedies on your dogs’ problems.

Anyway, I have a lot in store for this blog so please do come back regularly for updates! If you’d like to know more about this site, go here.

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Welcome to Pinoy Dog-Lover. Feel free to explore the blog, and let's talk about those furry creatures we all love: DOGS!