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Doggie Day Fair 2

Help give the rescued Laguna Pit Bulls a second chance

Sometimes, I really can’t help but wonder how cruel to animals other people can be.

Recently, two Philippine animal welfare groups, Island Rescue Organizations (IRO) and CARA Welfare Philippines (Compassion And Responsibility for Animals), were able to rescue around 222 dogs from a Korean dog-fighting syndicate in San Pablo, Laguna. Dog-fighting, by itself, is already an inhumane treatment for these animals we call our best friends. But it’s made worse by the awful conditions they were in.

With the help of individual animal welfare advocates and University of the Philippines Los BaƱos veterinarians, IRO and CARA are slowly rehabilitating these dogs in the hopes that they will some day experience the love and care of a forever home. If a lot of people help, this seemingly impossible task can be accomplished.

They are currently in urgent need of the following: dog food, heavy duty leashes, tarps, large cages and stainless steel bowls. You can also send monetary donations of any amount.

Donations in Kind:
CARA Clinic
2365, Singalong St. Malate

Monetary donations:
Account Name: CARA Welfare Philippines
Bank of the Philippine Islands
Atrium Branch, Makati City Philippines
Account # 3191-0467-05

You can also send your donations through Paypal. Use the Paypal Donate button under “Emergency Rescue Donations” on the CARA website Donations page. Please note on the message text area of the Emergency Rescue Donations Paypal donate page that the amount you’re sending is for the Laguna Pit Bulls.

**Laguna Pit Bulls Photos by Maria Parsons for CARA Welfare Philippines.
View more photos of the Laguna Pit Bulls rescue:
San Pablo Laguna Dogs
San Pablo Laguna Dogs 2
San Pablo Laguna Dogs 3

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