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Help PAWS’ relief operations for animals of Typhoon Sendong disaster

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Good news and bad news for animal-lovers. PAWS volunteer veterinarian Dr. David Arceo is now in Cagayan De Oro (CDO) for an ocular on the condition of animals affected by Typhoon Sendong. Bad news, but not necessarily a new thing, is that they need help for the rescue operations.

From PAWS’ CDO Disaster Photos album in Facebook:

PAWS’ volunteer veterinarian Dr. David Arceo is in CDO now doing an ocular on animals affected by the disaster: Despite their cadaver sweep for 2 days, there are still many to be collected. The stench is overwhelming. There are still a lot of dogs alive and a few have been fed. Many horses dead. 2 badly sick and hungry. Heat of the sun is tremendous.

In disasters such as Typhoon Sendong, humans are the priority in rescues and relief efforts. That’s very understandable, and I’m not arguing with that. But I still couldn’t help but feel sad that animals will be last to, if not never, get help and be attended to. Even harder is that I myself don’t even have the resources to get these animals to safety — CDO is miles away.

Photo by PAWS Volunteer Vet Dr. David Arceo. More photos from his ocular in Cagayan De Oro can be found on the PAWS Facebook photo album.

Thank you, Dr. David Arceo, as well as all the animal welfare volunteers helping out to alleviate suffering for animals. Animals are living creatures; they also deserve to have another chance at life like we humans do. If humans won’t help them, no one else will. It’s really comforting to know that help for the animals are already in progress.

Even from far away, we can help PAWS in their efforts.

To donate online:
** You can select the “One Time Gift” of any amount option and specify in the Paypal message that you would like your donation to go to their Sendong relief and rescue.

To donate through bank deposit:

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  • Pindot says:

    I personally would like to thanks those people who volunteer to help and save those men, woman, children and their pets. You guys deserve appreciation and recognition because you deserve it..

    You deserve the title “THE MODERN HERO”.
    The hero is often simply an ordinary person in extraordinary circumstances defy death and danger..

    God bless..


  • Marilu says:

    Intlgeilence and simplicity – easy to understand how you think.

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