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Doggie Day Fair 2

Kubrick is a Busy Paws graduate!

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I can’t believe I totally forgot to blog about this… I’m so sorry, Kubrick!!!

Last 1 September 2012, Kubrick graduated in Busy Paws’ first module. Yay, we’re so proud of you, Kubrick 🙂

So much improvement in Kubrick! If you met him a few months back, you probably won’t be able to pet him. He’s not as sociable as Shantee, who would let anybody (as long as the person isn’t dirty) hug her. He’ll probably never be that sociable (he’s much more loyal than our flirty Shantee), but he wasn’t exactly friendly to other people before Busy Paws. Other dogs scared him too. But not anymore!

He’s gone through the tunnel, so to speak. He’s conquered his fears, and friendlier to other people and other dogs. Even better, Kubrick is probably now the most obedient dog I ever had.

I honestly never thought I’d have a dog whom I can enjoy dog sports with. Who’d have thought a Shih Tzu, whose breed is known for being lazy lap dogs, can actually go through a basic dog agility course? I didn’t, but Kubrick certainly proved that stigma wrong.

I have to admit it there were times when I got quite frustrated; times when Kubrick was lazy or too distracted. It did require some patience on my part, but seeing him now, it was well worth it. With the help of Busy Paws, I was also able to get to know my dog better. And that’s something I’ll always be grateful for. Thank you, Busy Paws! 🙂

The Busy Paws group is still planning when the next module and the second batch will be (we can’t wait!). But in the meantime, we invite you to join our fun games next Saturday, 29 September 2012, 9AM at Mercato Centrale in Bonifacio High Street. There’s an open category for non-Busy Paws members 🙂

Hope to see you guys there! Do say hello to us if you’re dropping by. The Busy Paws crew and members are a fun group, so anybody will fit right in!

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