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Doggie Day Fair 2

“Meow” says our new “dog”

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The past few months have been so hectic that I haven’t really blogged much about our own pack. Even worse, my iMac’s hard drive decided to conk out after 4 years of uninterrupted use (I’m lucky the service technician was able to retrieve my files!). A lot has happened — we’ve lost beloved furry friends along the way, but also gained new ones. One particular meowing “dog”, in fact.

Everyone, meet Felix.

Felix the Cat

Yep, Felix is a cat. Biologically, at least. But psychologically, it’s a totally different story.

Felix thinks she’s a dog. And yeah, we gave her a name usually reserved for males.

You see, we got Felix when she was really young. Kubrick and I were doing agility practice in the garage when we heard a little kitten meowing outside. Our garage door is basically just a simple gate fence, so we got to see the little black kitty alone in the side of the street. She seemed lost, and really sad. I called my younger sister to show her the cat, and she said hello to the kitty. The cat must have mistaken her greeting for an invitation to go inside our home… Kubrick (our dog pack’s alpha), sniffed her hello. Since then, she was ours.

Baby Felix

Now, about her “manly” name… We haven’t had a cat in ages (the first and last one was Midnight, and he passed on around 15 years ago), so we weren’t really versed in cat anatomy. Besides, even my cat-loving friends told me it was really hard to discern a cat’s gender until its balls actually start showing. In Felix’s case, the balls never did show 😛 By the time we realized Felix was a girl, too late! She would respond to no other name but Felix.

After our vet deems her healthy enough to stay with the pack, Felix fit right in. It was probably due to the fact that Kubrick the Alpha accepted her first, so everyone just followed. Unlike the usual primadona cat attitude, Felix knew her place in the pack. She listened to Kubrick when he’s not happy about her being out of bounds, and got along perfectly well with the other dogs. And this, I think, is one of the main reasons she really thought she was a dog, not a cat 😛

Considering her identity crises, it didn’t come as a surprise that her “best friend” would be the silliest dog in our pack: Widget! 😀

Widget is the youngest dog in the pack — probably around the same age as Felix — so you could say that they grew up together, like childhood buddies 😀 They played together like puppies would, even though one of them is biologically a cat.

Even with the two of them all grown up, they still play together. They run around like wild dogs everywhere in the house — we’ve learned to lift our feet whenever we hear them coming to the home office. Leave your feet on the ground while they passed — you’ll feel like a bulldozer passed through you with their ruckus 😛

Felix and Widget

They’re just so cute and silly! 🙂

Felix and Widget are due to have their spaying and neutering done soon. We’re thinking of having both at the same time, so lesser stress for them (Kubrick never wanted to return to the vet after they “took” his balls!). Till then, we’ll try our best not to bring to life a new specie: a cat-dog! 😀

With Felix officially part of our pack now, don’t be surprised to see a few Felix-related posts in the future 🙂

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