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Doggie Day Fair 2

New house: A new dog territory!

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Sorry for the lack of updates. My family (both humans and dogs) just transferred to a new home here in lower Antipolo in Rizal. It’s been quite stressful for all of us—even the dogs. I think Shantee‘s the only one who didn’t find it stressful at all, just another great adventure.

Dog marking territory

I’ve had dogs for as long as I could remember, and I always knew that huge changes like moving can be very stressful for them—especially when our dogs were used to having a run of the house.

Our new Antipolo home isn’t actually that far from our old house in Blue Ridge, Quezon City, so we could afford to go back and forth moving our things. But on the night that we were to sleep in our new home, we had to find a way to transport all our dogs to the new house in the car. Dad decided that we should bring the dogs in pairs. Harry and Choknat were the first to go.

Dad woke me up as early as 7am to prepare my dogs. We didn’t have a transport cage, so it was all up to me to keep the two under control—and ended up running to our new home stinking in Harry’s puke when we got there 😛 I made a mistake and let Harry cry and shift around at the back of our really old SUV. So there. Like their late mom Sheero, Harry and Choknat have motion sickness. Choknat, being more reserved, just stayed close to my feet during the ride so I was able to put my hand over his eyes to calm him down and prevent him from getting dizzy. But Harry? Well, he certainly relieved his stress on me 😀

The car ride was just the tip of the iceberg. It was a good thing these two were together (Harry and Choknat), so they adjusted pretty well (the brothers are inseparable—you can’t leave one without the other), but we had to endure an entire night of them whining. Which, I think, was normal. They were in a foreign place. Besides, they haven’t stepped on grass until now (our old house’s garden had very, very little grass and made of mostly concrete flooring and potted plants)—it was totally unfamiliar to them. They were city dogs plucked from urban living 🙂

Our male dogs already “marked” our garden. The boys, Harry and Choknat, including old Spike (the one on the picture above), sprayed their pee all over the garden marking their territories. My family and I spent as much time as we could with them so they would feel secure and realize that this was our new home. Our patience paid off. Just a few days after our move, our dogs were quite well-adjusted already. They seem to be enjoying suburban living as much as we do! 🙂

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