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On spaying and neutering

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Recently, I signed up on Philippine Animal Welfare Society‘s (PAWS) mailing list. I’m planning a personal project with the help of a few dog-loving bloggers that would benefit them (we want to help out in their drive to provide food and shelter for poor animals needing care), so I thought it might be a good idea to stay up-to-date with the group’s latest activities.

My family has been quite busy moving things to our new home (we’re sleeping there soon! Yay!), so unfortunately, I wasn’t able to blog this sooner. I just hope it’s not too late.

A few days ago, I received an email in the mailing list from Nice Rodriguez telling us about Rene Jose’s show which talked about CARA’s catch/spay/release program for cats and dogs.

I am just wondering if someone else watched UNTV’s Good Morning Kuya show this morning. One of the hosts Rene Jose was reacting to CARA’s catch/spay/release program, saying it’s not right to catch the strays, neuter them (kapon) and release them back in the streets. And when he asked around for the other minor hosts/guests to give their opinions, nobody opposed him. There were no advantages offered about spaying and neutering of stray cats and dogs.

I’ve been watching the program for the last few months because I find their political commentaries refreshing, enlightening and funny. I am just bothered because first of all, nobody in the show seemed to be interested in the topic. They didn’t really care about all the cats and dogs out in the streets, with only one commentator worrying more that he might drive over a stray at night and thus, endanger his own life. Mr. Jose seemed to be more concerned about emasculating the tomcats since the sterilization process appeared unthinkable for him–almost like it’s cutting his own balls!

I know the show is sexist at times but it’s still the best show to eavesdrop about the country’s affairs. I am only sad because we seem to be very far from being a compassionate society. I find Mr. Jose almost encyclopedic with his knowledge and commentaries on several topics in the show, and to learn that he vehemently opposes neutering and spaying of stray animals (like it’s a sin against the Pope) is worrisome, and there could be many like-minded folks like him out there. Sadly, he didn’t even bother suggesting an alternative to the stray population problem.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to watch the show. Heck, I don’t watch Rene Jose’s show at all, to tell you the truth. Political debates and talks usually annoy me. But, like any other form of media, it is nevertheless effective.

The problem I have with the commentary regarding the spaying and neutering of animals is not the commentary per se. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. You don’t think it’s good for the animal population, fine. But the thing is, being able to say that on TV is a different thing—you get the “power” to convince other people.

That is why journalists have the responsibility to deliver accurate information.

It is true that the humanity of spaying and neutering remains debatable. But not to also present its advantages is quite one-sided, and uninformed.

The damage is done. Maybe there are a number of people who believed what was discussed on the show. Maybe not. But no use complaining. We might not have the advantage of television reach, but we do have one medium readily within our reach: the internet.

I think some of you would know that I am a blogging advocate. Dog-lover, but also a blogging advocate 🙂 Blogging has already helped a lot of advocacies on the Internet—the Blog and Soul Movement, Filipina Images, and Bloggers’ Kapihan just to name a few. These groups try their best to actually bring about their advocacies through action. A person can complain all he/she wants, but I honestly feel that action is much more effective.

I strongly suggest that dog-lovers informed about spaying and neutering help spread information through their blogs.

Allow me to start. Here’s my take 🙂

As soon as we get settled down on our new home, I’d have Harry and Choknat neutered. We don’t breed dogs, but we already have a lot of them. And honestly, my dad and I get headaches every time mating season nears. The dogs just go crazy. We needed to isolate the female dog in heat. But if they’re successful, we get another problem of what to do with the puppies 😛

Moy-moy before getting neutered
This is Moy-moy. He’s just about to get neutered in this photo. More details on his parents’ blog at The Animal Doctor

Neutering would definitely be an advantage in our pets’ case. But I think my opinion also applies to CARA’s catch/spay/release program as well.

There will always be the risks of surgical complications and other possible physiological disadvantages, but I believe that spaying and neutering stray animals are actually quite a humane way of controlling the animal population. It’s definitely cheaper than catching the animals, rehabilitating them, and putting them up for adoption (unless of course we have a hell lot more organizations like PAWS around), and by far more humane than euthanasia.

I don’t know… But I just don’t like euthanasia that much. Before Sheero passed away, I was willing to do anything just to avoid having her put down at all costs. What more a dog or cat who wasn’t even sick? I would rather have the street animals devoid of a sex life than putting them down. 😛

What about you? What do you think?

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4 barks to this post

  • Hi Gail, thanks for making special mention of Moy-Moy. I am amazed at his rapid recovery, the following day, he was already bouncing off the wall! My other dogs( neutered at six months up), did not heal that pretty quick.

    We did not post about it yet, but a few days after Moy’s neutering, our adopted cat, Pussy was spayed. Spaying is more complex than neutering and-well, more gross because the Animal Doctor had to cut Pussy up. Needless to say, I was not able to witness, much less cover, the entire procedure.

    Pussy’s stitches are healing now, I’m glad. Pussy acted funny when she was in heat, rubbing her rear end everywhere, even against Moy-moy’s head! We could not let her out ( of course we do not want her to get pregnant or hit by a car down the road), so I can just imagine how frustrated she was the whole time.

    Like you, I believe spaying and neutering is an essential part of responsible pet ownership. It would have been different if these animals were in their natural habitat, in the wild, where the laws of nature work to balance everything. But these animals were placed by humans in an environment where they have to compete for food and space. Yes, we would be depriving them of sex and procreation by neutering or spaying, but its the only humane thing to do given the circumstances.

  • jemmar espinosa says:

    please send me some contacts for free spaying… need it badly..

  • john hughes says:

    Globally, people should spay neuter ALL dogs & cats ( and humans in over populated countries )
    Humans think animals are on earth to be eaten.. who said?
    Many under developed countries like the Philippines are overrun with people and stray animals , so many suffering & dying of hunger , even if the over supply of dogs and cats does give them more food.. ‘once they have been tortured to death’ Nothing can justify the way humans treat animals . followers of religion , & the Vatican have a lot to answer for.
    Before anyone has the right to put down anyone else on their treatment of animals, they should look at their OWN dinner plate….!!!! go Vegan please, and care for ALL LIFE.
    cheers john.

  • Haizea says:

    It is really a great and helpful piece of info.

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