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Doggie Day Fair 2

Back from hiatus!

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I found it quite hard to blog here again ever since I wrote my previous entry about Sheero visiting me in a dream. I don’t know why… I guess I just really, really miss her. Somehow, I felt that anything I would write on this blog would not even be at par with what I wrote about her.

But then I realized that putting this blog on hiatus for such reason isn’t something Sheero would have wanted me to do. Sheero and I started this blog together (she was my dog model) for the simple purpose of giving her canine relatives a voice and give ourselves (and dog-lovers alike) a little home on the World Wide Web.

Reminding myself of this blog’s purpose somehow inspired me to write again. Sheero would have wanted me, Shantee, Harry and Choknat to continue what we started.

So yes, you can expect regular posts from me here again 🙂

Do dogs have souls?

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Even since our beloved Sheero passed away last October, I’ve wondered a lot about that. Do dogs have souls? Could really there be a Rainbow Bridge where spirits of our loyal pets go to and play while they wait for us? The dream I had last night made me wonder even more.

I normally dream of seemingly useless and unrelated things, but last night, it was different. I dreamed of playing with my late baby Sheero. Continue Reading

Dog friendships

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One of the things I like about having a lot of dogs is being able to see how they interact with their dog pack fellows. It helps me understand my pets better, and in the process, learn how to be a better pet owner and their “pack leader.”

I’ve long noticed that my dogs have community and a hierarchy of their own. They have a pack leader (old Spike) and a “queen” (Tootie). But one of my favorites in watching their behavior is how they forge friendships with one another.

Shantee and Coal
Little Shantee and big black Coal

That’s Shantee and Coal in the picture. Coal is big Black Labrador Retriever, while Shantee is a Tiny Shih Tzu. Though Shantee is sometimes scared of Coal’s size (she’s just way too small), she considers him her “big brother.” Continue Reading

Photo Day Sunday: Shantee’s fasion statement

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Here’s a little tribute to my tiny Dog FashionistaShantee!

That’s Shantee at about four months old frolicking in the grass at Bonifacio High Street.

Letting pet dogs out on their own in the streets

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As I have mentioned before, our family (both human and dogs) recently moved to the suburbs of lower Antipolo in an executive village. We’ve been here for about three months only, and yet, we’ve gotten quite used to having neighboring houses that aren’t separated from us by tall firewalls. Even our dogs are getting acquainted with the neighborhood pets. Our neighbors are very nice, and probably each and every house on our street has at least one pet (mostly dogs).

This subdivision we transferred to has quite stringent “laws.” They’re pretty strict with security (no one without a village sticker may enter the gates without surrendering an ID no matter how expensive that person’s car is), and cleanliness (you get a fine if you or your household help got caught dumping garbage on places where you shouldn’t). Even owning dogs here have “guidelines”—you can’t let your pet out wandering in the streets. If you bring out your dog, he/she has to have a leash. If not, and unsupervised “wanderer” can be impounded by the village security—you will need to pay a fine to claim your wandering pet.

Our village’s policy on pets is something I totally agree with, and it really annoys me (not to mention our other neighbors) when this particular neighbor of ours just lets their dog wander around our street. Continue Reading

Photo day Sunday: “Looking forward”

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I’m redesigning this blog soon, so I thought of adding a new site feature as well: Photo Day Sunday. I was just going through my offline photo archive, and I realized that I just have a lot of dog photos just waiting to be published. So I thought I’d share them, one post at a time, every Sunday.

Let’s start with an old photo of Sheero and Tootie I really liked… Sheero and Tootie: Looking forward

Sheero and Tootie: Looking \"forward\"

You see, Sheero and Tootie used to be great friends when Sheero was still alive. Tootie was older, so when Sheero came along, Tootie took her under her wing. She would defend Sheero whenever other dogs would try to fight with her—I think Tootie knew Sheero was at a disadvantage; Sheero was our smallest dog before Shantee came along.

Tootie was very sad when Sheero passed away last year 🙁

Be Kind to Animals Week!

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May 4 to 10, 2008 is Be Kind to Animals Week, which was created by the American Humane Association in 1915.

Me with Sheero, Harry and Choknat posing on the bed
Me with Sheero (who’s now at the Rainbow Bridge), Harry, and Choknat

So how can you celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week? Continue Reading

Which celebrity is your pet?

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I’ve been blogging about serious stuff so much, I think it’s time for a little fun! If your dog were a celebrity, who will he/she be?

I tried this quiz on my three favorite dogs, and guess who they ended up to be? Continue Reading

New house: A new dog territory!

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Sorry for the lack of updates. My family (both humans and dogs) just transferred to a new home here in lower Antipolo in Rizal. It’s been quite stressful for all of us—even the dogs. I think Shantee‘s the only one who didn’t find it stressful at all, just another great adventure.

Dog marking territory

I’ve had dogs for as long as I could remember, and I always knew that huge changes like moving can be very stressful for them—especially when our dogs were used to having a run of the house. Continue Reading

On spaying and neutering

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Recently, I signed up on Philippine Animal Welfare Society‘s (PAWS) mailing list. I’m planning a personal project with the help of a few dog-loving bloggers that would benefit them (we want to help out in their drive to provide food and shelter for poor animals needing care), so I thought it might be a good idea to stay up-to-date with the group’s latest activities.

My family has been quite busy moving things to our new home (we’re sleeping there soon! Yay!), so unfortunately, I wasn’t able to blog this sooner. I just hope it’s not too late.

A few days ago, I received an email in the mailing list from Nice Rodriguez telling us about Rene Jose’s show which talked about CARA’s catch/spay/release program for cats and dogs. Continue Reading

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