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Doggie Day Fair 2

Dogs in the office

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Ever since I started working full-time on the web design company my husband and I own, I’ve been so used to having my dogs with me at our home office. Harry stayed under my desk (it was like having a furry rug under my feet), and Choknat under the printer’s table. Sheero used to like curling up on the dog mat I bought for them—there wasn’t too much room under my desk, so she just let Harry and Choknat stay there. She was already happy just having me on her line of sight.

My furry employee

Shantee used to be satisfied to curl up just under the desk (she’s so small it didn’t matter if there wasn’t much room), but now she insists on sleeping on my lap while I worked. Continue Reading

Does your dog say “sorry?”

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Apologizing is one of the things some of us humans have a hard time doing, especially if you’ve got a lot of pride. Others find it very difficult to acknowledge their mistakes, but some also find it easy to say “I’m sorry” even if they don’t really mean it. Before the dogs in our pack increased to 10, I’ve wondered if dogs are like us when it comes to apologizing.

Harry saying SORRY

You know what? I think they do and can apologize. Continue Reading

Designer dog beds

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Note to our readers: This is a sponsored post, but you can be assured that I’ll try my best to be as objective as possible since we all want the best for our dogs, don’t we? 🙂

Harry and Choknat lounging on the sofa

Do you own a spoiled dog? Well, I do. Actually, all of our dogs are spoiled, in my opinion. All of them sleep inside the house. Harry gets a slice of loaf bread whenever he wants one from my sister, and Choknat even has his own Bonsai tree. Shantee has enough dog clothes to merit her own closet. My late Sheero has her own shrine in our garden. But none of them have Designer dog beds (Shantee has a dog pillow though, and all of the other dogs like sleeping on the sofa or on padded chairs). Continue Reading

Shantee on Rated K and a trip to Manila Zoo

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Last Thursday, Shantee and Peter joined several other animals for a pet event Rated K is holding for their Valentines’ Day TV special. It’s going to be aired this coming Sunday, February 10, at 6:30PM on ABS-CBN. I’d love to say more about it, but it’s better you just watch it first. It’s really cute, promise 🙂

Shantee with an alligator!

Shantee and Peter met a LOT new “friends,” though I don’t think Shantee liked the alligator at all. Hehe. We have more behind-the-scenes photos with Shantee’s new animal friends, but posting them before the feature could ruin the surprise 🙂 So for now, we’ll just show you a few snapshots of Shantee’s first ever (and probably the last) trip to Manila Zoo. Continue Reading

Dogs and children

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When we first got Shantee, Marc and I searched the Web for information on Shih Tzus—particularly Imperial Shih Tzus (or Princess type, as they call it locally). Yeah, I know. We should have searched info first before getting one 😛 But Shantee was so adorable, we couldn’t resist buying here right then and there.

Anyway, there were a lot of things we found out about Shih Tzus. It’s not advisable to feed them food with yeast (it can make their coat fall off). There are arguments between breeders about the acceptability of Imperial Shih Tzus (some say they’re undersized runts, while others prize their small size). But the best thing we found out was that Shih Tzus are great with kids, but not very small children (they tend to get jealous of newborns).

Shantee with kids

We never really thought how true this was until we actually saw her with kids. She just loved them. Continue Reading

Shantee the “Ghost Checker”

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For the past month, my family had been looking at houses all over Quezon City. Ever since we’ve finalized our decision to move, we’ve been “hunting” for the perfect house. It was only last week when we finally decided on which home to get. It had been difficult looking for the best house that would fit our family.

We had quite some special requirements. For one, we can’t have a two-story house. My mom can’t climb stairs anymore. Most of the brand-new houses we’ve seen had second floors, and out of our budget. So we had to settle for a well-maintained second-hand home. That’s why we brought Shantee along in our trips.

Shantee with mommy house hunting

I don’t really know where I heard or read it, but they say that dogs have “sixth sense,” which means they can sense supernatural things that we can’t detect. You may or may not believe in it, but you can’t blame us for making sure 😀 After all, we’d be living in that house, and if it’s haunted, I don’t think we’d be able to sleep soundly for the rest of our lives. Continue Reading

Travelling with pets

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Last January 11 to 13, Marc and I joined a few Pinoy travel bloggers on a trip to Boracay. Marc and I have long wanted to go there for a vacation, but our work schedules just seemed to never allow us to. Besides, we didn’t want to spend for a trip we really won’t enjoy (it’s not very relaxing when you’re thinking about work even if you’re at the beach). But luckily, we were able to get spots on the Boracay trip sponsored by Microtel Inns & Suites, in partnership with South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR) and Zuzuni Boutique Hotel and Restaurant.

We had fun, but it wouldn’t have been as much as fun if we were able to bring Shantee along.

Shantee left behind

That’s actually one of the downsides of going on luxury vacations—you just can’t bring your furry friend along. It’s possible, but it isn’t easy. Continue Reading

Looking for Pet Bloggers: The 2008 Philippine Blog Awards

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We’ve decided to launch it early this year, so you guys will have time to beef up your blogs!

2008 Philippine Blog Awards

Check out the new design by yours truly 🙂 It’s not much, but at least it was done in a rush like last year’s! Continue Reading

Shantee’s first Holiday celebrations

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Shantee survived her first-ever New Year celebration. Actually, I even think she took it in stride, although she was really scared of sparklers 😛 I guess all that light was so new to her.

Shantee staying away from sparklers

That’s me with Shantee lighting a sparkler about an hour before the New Year celebration went all crazy. Turned out, she didn’t like sparklers unlike Coal the Labrador Retriever—Dad had to keep him on a leash because he wanted to chase after the sparks from the fountain and sparklers Marc and Dad lit. Continue Reading

A New Year’s reminder to dog-owners!

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Although there are a lot of public service announcements and reminders on TV about the use of fireworks this coming New Year’s Eve, a lot of Filipinos still insist on keeping up with the tradition of welcoming the new year with a bang. Even our family does—at least just this year—since this is going to be the last new year celebration we’ll have in our house. We’re moving, remember?

Fireworks are pretty, and LOUD. And they have to be, since tradition says that the loud noise will scare away evil spirits and bad luck for a prosperous New Year. But the thing is, loud noise not only scare evil spirits and bad luck, but our canine friends as well.

Scaredy dogs under blankie

Dogs are a whole lot more sensitive than us humans. A loud bang from a labintador may be tolerable noise for us, but for dogs, that’s like the beginning of World War III. For them, the noise is magnified—you can just imagine how scary it is for our pets come New Year’s Eve. Continue Reading

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