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Doggie Day Fair 2

The “Boholian” dogs

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“Boholian” is a term my friends (Aileen, Abe, Marc M., Sharm, Sasha, Rico, and Chris) and I came up with while on a five-day trip to Bohol and Cebu. It can be non-existent currency, or simply an endearment for anything Boholano (yeah, that’s the correct term).

We didn’t meet too many canines during our trip (just a few wide-eyed primates), but we did make friends with a couple friendly dogs at the Dimaluan Beach Resort in Bohol.

This uberly-friendly guy joined us for a couple of beers while hanging out by the beach (no, he wasn’t a beer drinker). Abe chastised him for being too friendly—his friendliness might get him stolen:

Friendly Boholian dog

This pretty Labrador was the first dog we saw upon checking in at the resort:

Water-crazy Boholian dog

We saw her wet and covered in sand, then climbed up the stairs to meet up with a Japanese Spitz. A few minutes later, we saw them go down and head to the beach! Our room had a spectacular view of the Bohol beach, and Marc was able to capture the dogs playing in the surf (apparently, these dogs play on the surf each and every afternoon and particularly liked low-tides) on video. Any chance of getting a copy of that shot, Marc? 😀

Happy 5th birthday, Sheero!

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Birthday dog

I thought Sheero turned three last year. My bad. She was four last year. I found this out when I had to calculate my personal blog‘s existence for a blog anniversary post. Sheero is a year older than my blog, you see.

Can’t believe my little baby is growing up 🙁 But don’t mind me, I’m probably just being a “mommy” who’s finding it hard to accept the fact that her baby is no longer a baby!

Here’s to you, my little white and furry best friend…


My cute, white and short hunting dog

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It’s been almost a month since my last post. Sorry about that. I’ve been extremely busy with my other blogs, design work and the recently concluded Philippine Blog Awards. I haven’t got much free time—or rather, fun blog time—till now. I still got a lot to do, but at least I’m able to relax a bit.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to blog about Sheero’s hunting tendencies ever since Marc, my husband, started blogging about the rats scurrying in our house.

Sheero the hunting dog

Sheero is a great hunter, considering her size. She can even catch those little mice that run really fast (rats are easy, they’re slower), cockroaches, and even poor lizards. Actually, that’s the main reason why Marc lets her in our little house (Harry and Choknat aren’t allowed because in Marc’s opinion, they’re useless and will just occupy space). She religiously guards the rats’ entry every night.

I used to think that maybe Sheero can catch mice unlike our other dogs because she was a reincarnated cat 😛 Well, aside from the fact that I don’t really believe in that, I think her breed is a more plausible explanation.

Sheero is half Japanese Spitz, but we were never able to confirm what her other half is. We just assumed she’s half Shi Tzu due to her fur. But her hunting skill makes me think otherwise. The Terrier breed is popular for being hunters (I saw in Animal Planet a sport especially for Terriers where the little pooches chase a mouse in an underground maze). So yeah, maybe Sheero is half Terrier! Well, anyway, it doesn’t matter what her breed is and where that hunting skill came from. The point is, she can hunt and our home had been rodent-free since she started doing her “job.”

Shoreline mutts

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One thing my husband and I regret is not being able to bring Sheero with us at Puerto Galera—she would have loved it. Perhaps, just like this dog:

Puerto Galera dog

Ahh. Talk about the life: this mutt is having a vacation every single day. He sleeps on the sea shore (the dogs in Puerto Galera seem to particularly prefer sleeping on the shore, close enough to hear the waves but far enough not to get swept away into the sea), while enjoying the smell of grilling pork chops and kebab.

This dog on the picture is owned by a massage therapist servicing a lady nearby. The dogs in Puerto Galera are owned by the vendors and bar owners. We saw one “guarding” the guy grilling the porks and kebab. Another accompanied his ice cream vendor master, waiting patiently while she tried to sell ice drops.

The House Guest

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Pardon the grainy image, I forgot to turn on the Night Mode of my camera phone 🙂

James, our houseguest

This is James, our house guest for the weekend. Since we couldn’t go with them for a weekend at the beach (I was sick), Marc and I became the dog-sitters for Abe‘s dog.

You know something? Our house guest is abnormally clean. My sister and even my dad were all marveling at how clean he was. It’s like cleanliness that you’d never thought possible in a dog. Harry and Choknat were also amazed when they couldn’t find fleas on him! But then again, James is a city dog. I highly doubt there’s soil for him to play with at Abe’s place 😛

Our house guest is obviously spoiled to the tenth power—he just had to check out our bed the first thing he got there—but he’s annoyingly cute. Sheero doesn’t like sharing the house with him, but they’re getting along somehow. You see, Sheero is his mom. I think she won’t be as annoyed as she is with him if he refrained from trying to hump her all the time. Hehe.

How much is that Harry by the window?

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My husband, Marc, only allows Sheero to stay inside our house. He doesn’t like having Choknat and Harry inside—they sneak in (and I let them hehe) whenever he’s not home. But when Marc is home, Harry can only sit on our garden bench and into the window to watch me cook or work on my PC.

Harry by the window

Aww… I get this feeling of wanting to let Harry in whenever he looks at me like that 🙂

It’s summer time!

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Finally. I was already scaring the wits out of me on the possibility of the End of Days occurring soon. I thought the weather has totally gone insane.

Marc’s going to kill me when he sees this photo…

Sheero drinking cold water

But Sheero was thirsty, and she wanted cold water. Imagine if you had fur all over like her. Wouldn’t it be nice to have refreshing drink at least once in a while? 🙂 Besides, it’s not every day that you see a dog drink from a glass!

Tommy enters the seminary

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Tommy was one of the puppies Sheero had (Harry and Choknat were both the dads!) a few months ago. And yes, he did enter the seminary yesterday. Seriously. Marc even drove him over at the San Jose seminary in Marikina. We gave him to Father Banjo, the priest who wed us, as a gift.

We’re pretty confident that the seminarians will take good care of Tommy—after all, the guys they are planning to be priests, you know. But I don’t think Harry is.

Harry and Tommy

Harry and Tommy are very close, as you can see. They sleep beside each other every night. Harry was even whining and crying when Marc took Tommy away yesterday afternoon. Don’t worry, Harry! You should be proud that Tommy is answering God’s calling 😀

Dog meet, anyone?

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Jayvee had this crazy idea of having Pinoy bloggers get together in one place, and bring their dogs. Sasha and Abe‘s dogs came from me, so I don’t think Sheero would mind hanging out with her sons. Besides, these two are quite young. What I’m worried about is how Jayvee’s and Markku‘s dogs will interact.

Jayvee’s dog, Hondo, is a male, while Marrku’s, Barbie, is female. I don’t think Sheero would have any problems getting along with Hondo, unless Hondo has domination problems. But just thinking about Sheero and Barbie in one place, I can already picture total disaster. Two spoiled females in one place? Oh my. And to think, they even look a like.

Let’s see how this one plays out. I just hope Sheero comes home in one piece! 😛

Adjusting to new situations

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I’ve gotten married last November, and from what I have seen for the past months, my dogs didn’t like it a bit. Well, maybe except for Sheero, who loved my husband, Marc. The other two, Harry and Choknat, hated the new setup—and they hated Marc.

As much as Marc loved dogs, he didn’t like having them inside the house—or at least inside the bedroom on the bed. My dogs were used to that (they used to sleep beside me). I actually felt them getting sad on my wedding day (seeing them watch me from the gate was pretty heart-breaking). Somehow, they knew that that day would change their lives.

Lucky for them, my husband and I live in the same house as my parents (our house is separated, but there are shared areas as well). I still got to be with them at least twice a day. But before they actually allowed that kind of setup (without whining and annoying the heck out of my dad), I made sure the transition wasn’t abrupt. I have known long before that there are dogs who don’t do well with abrupt changes. I don’t know if mine were, but from what I see, they seemed fine.

I’m guessing my dogs adjusted well due to these two reasons:

  1. The transition period was long. Marc was frequently visiting our home even before we got married, and stayed there for long hours. The dogs were used to seeing him. Aside from that, I didn’t transfer my computer room (where my dogs and I spent most of our time) immediately after getting married. Marc and I used that room for about a week or two before slowing transferring the equipment to our new home.
  2. They’re family. I think this was the biggest factor. Harry and Choknat are brothers, and they know it (I’ve seen these two stick up for one another). Sheero is their mom. I observed them from afar and saw how these three pooches amused themselves in my absense. They can play and enjoy one another’s company even without me. They don’t get bored.

Anybody out there who had the same experience with their pooches? Knowing about these little things can make a huge difference in your pet’s behavior you know!

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