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Doggie Day Fair 2

Another dog haven

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This has been going on for some time now, but I never really had the opportunity to blog about it (ok fine, I was lazy).

Tiendesitas is a trendy shopping center you will find along C5, Ortigas Avenue, corner E. Rodriguez Avenue. Shops there are basically Filipino-centric (you can buy art, antiques, food, novelty items—all Filipino made). But the best thing about it for dog-lovers, is the Pet Village.

You’ll find a variety of pet stores in the Pet Village, where they sell the cutest pooch apparel (I actually bought a sweater for Sheero before—she gets cold during the cold season of December). You also a lot of choices on where to have your dog groomed—they have quite a number of dog parlors there. And because there are a lot of dog parlors there, the cost of having your dog groomed is pretty reasonable (you won’t feel that bad spending too much on your dog!).

I’m really glad there’s another shopping center that’s pet-friendly! Do check it out with your pooch.

Noemi’s new Boxer

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Ok fine, it wasn’t a semi-hiatus—it was a full-fledged one. I had really no idea how to go about the direction of this blog, but I just didn’t have the heart to let it rot. So there. I’m back from hiatus (well, sorta… kinda…), and I’m just here to blog about my dogs, other people’s dogs, and dogs in general.

One of my blogger friends, Noemi, has a new Boxer. Her family wanted to get a dog after a 7-year “dog abstinence” (or “dogstinence” for short) for added security at their new house. Being so used to my furry critters, I’m really not that fond of short-furred dogs (sorry Jayvee! Hehe but Hondo is cute you know!). But Noemi’s pic of those cute baby Boxers just made my heart melt. They’re adorable!

We’re on semi-hiatus!

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Ok, there you have it… I finally said it. This blog is officially on semi-hiatus. By “semi” I mean, I’ll probably still post a few entries every now and then. But until I finish this custom theme I’m working on for this blog, I won’t be doing much update. I can’t help it, sorry. I really feel uncomfortable blogging while using somebody else’s theme creation. It’s just a pet peeve of mine.

Anyway, I already have the design (more or less). I’ll just have to make it into a WordPress theme. So it won’t be long. Promise 🙂

More on the “dog pack”

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I’ve been sick for the past few days—I know I should be working right now instead of surfing, but I just can’t help it 😀

It’s been a while since I last visited the Dog Whispherer‘s blog. I have never seen an episode of it (I don’t think it’s available in our territory), but I really like the way Cesar Milan rehabilitate extremely difficult dogs. He makes use of the “power of the pack” very effectively (knowing that the “pack” method is actually used made me realize that I wasn’t insane for having some level of control over our dogs).

There really is truth in that method. Having 13 dogs howling all at the same time gives noise an entirely new meaning, and I happen to be the only other human here at home other than my dad who can tell them to shut up. My sister and our household help, Marilyn, both tried before—but the dogs weren’t listening. From what I observed, the dogs seemed to know when a human is of authority (hey cool, they think I have authority hehe). Or maybe there’s just something in the voice or tone that tells them that they should obey. I sometimes don’t know how I do it too, to tell you frankly.

I guess the simplest explanation is that my dogs respect me. They know their place, and for some weird reason, they understand my moods as well. And in return, I also respect and understand them. It’s not enough to say that you “know” your dog by the cute thing they do. Because just like in human relationships, there should be respect and understanding.

Who says that only humans can enjoy social networking?

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Your dogs can too, you know. You might just have to help them a bit (I don’t think it’ll be easy for them to type—those paws can be a huge hurdle!).

Dogster has been up long already, actually. They’ve even won a Webby Award too. But if you haven’t seen it yet, head over there and sign your pooch up! You can view my dogs’ profiles here: Sheero, Choknat, and Harry. After signing up, add my dogs as your doggy’s friends! 😀

(By the way, Dogster has this cool new feature: dog badges for your site! I’ll definitely be putting one on the custom theme I’m working on for this blog)

Sheero is a mommy again!

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My dog princess, Sheero, just gave birth again today! 😀 The pups are still hidden though, so I really don’t know for sure how many there are yet.

My fiance and I met up with a few blogger friends today, and thank goodness two of them wanted one. My mom’s dog, Patatats, is about to give birth too—we’ll be having too many dogs to handle, we really need to give them away.

I’ve been wanting to have Harry and Choknat neutered (Spike is too old, there really isn’t a need to for it), but just never got around it. After my wedding, I swear that’s one of the first things I’ll do. I’m sorry to be depriving them of their sex lives, but it’s becoming harder and harder to find owners for the pups 🙁

Our own dog pack

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It’s in the nature of canines to form “packs“—it’s part of their nature. If you only have one dog at home, this behavior isn’t noticeable for the simple reason that there aren’t any other dogs for you to compare their “ranking” (although dogs are known to make their human family their “pack”).

Spike and HarrySince we have 13 dogs, it’s easy to see how the ranking in our pets’ pack is. Spike, being our eldest dog, is the alpha male. The alpha female is Tootie. Recently, Choknat has been showing some signs of becoming the next alpha male due to Spike’s old age.

But the most amusing thing about our dog pack are the little “communities” they have within their community. Each member of our family (me, my dad, my mom, and my sister), have about three favorite dogs each. And with this, they form their own little communities and establish their territories depending on where me and my family like to hang out. Sheero, Choknat and Harry will fight tooth and nail to protect “their” computer room.

This “pack mentality” is actually what some dog trainers take advantage of in order to have the dogs follow their commands. I’ve been practicing that a bit, but I might have to work on it more—Sheero is still being a difficult spoiled brat. 😛

The search for the Pinoy Pet Superstar!

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PAWS is currently in search of the Pinoy Pet Superstar:

Email a high-resolution file photo of your pet to philpaws@yahoo. com together with the following details- Name of owner, address, telephone and mobile numbers, Name of Pet, type of pet, breed of pet, age and sex of pet. Theme of the contest is “Pinoy Pet Superstar” so make sure to submit a photo that shows your pet in his/her most glamorous or Hollywood / “pa-star” pose. Deadline of submission of entries is October 18, 2006. Winners will be awarded on October 21 during the Furry Tales main program (see #3 below). Exciting prizes from major sponsor, Pedigree, await the lucky winner – snap those photos of your ‘babies’ now!

My proud Sheero!I have an uber-cute pic of Sheero (look at her, she’s so PROUD!) that I entered in the contest. Who knows what those “exciting prizes” might be? Hehe.

There isn’t any harm in trying right? Besides, all you need to do is send an email to the address PAWS gave, and your dog will have a chance at fame!

Dog-friendly shopping

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Most of the people I know who live in the south of the metropolitan aren’t aware that they can take their dogs shopping while in Eastwood City. Not surprising, really, since it’s quite far from them. But yeah, you CAN take your dog shopping there.

I’ve already brought Sheero there once, and she had the time of her life. I was worried when I brought her there for the first time, actually. I had no idea that the signs I saw all over Eastwood that says “Eastwood City is a pet-friendly place” or something like that meant that I CAN bring her shopping with me. I just thought she can only roam the open areas, but no. I’m allowed to bring her even INSIDE the mall itself, as one of the guards kindly corrected me.
If you’re looking for a mall where you can shop and bring your dog along with you, well, you can try the one in Eastwood City. After all, who said that your dog can’t enjoy “gimmicks” too?

It might be best to give your dog a bath first before going there though… Because I tell you, dogs roaming the mall do attract attention. It’s kind of embarrassing to be caught with the smelly mutt, don’t you think?

The Feast of St. Francis of Assisi

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St. Francis of Assisi is known for being the patron saint of animals. And last October 4 was his feast day. The same day was declared as the October World Animal Day.

A lot sure is happening for our animal friends this month!

Now give those furry friends of yours an extra hug… It’s their month! 😀

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