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Doggie Day Fair 2

What’s your dog’s personality?

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If your dog is more than just a household appliance (ie. burglar alarm), you will notice that they also have their own personalities—just like humans. We’ve got 13 dogs in the house, but we know the personality of each and every one of them (I’ve actually made a write-up for each of them on my old site, but it’s down now).

I spend night and day with my three favorite dogs (I work from home), so it’s quite unavoidable for us to “get close.” I can’t find any better way as the very first dog-related post than to introduce my favorite trio. Here goes…

The Trio

Meet my three little dogs: Sheero, Choknat, and Harry.

Sheero is the little princess, my number one baby. And she knows it. Bratty as she may be sometimes, Sheero would probably be our most “sociable” dog—she likes going to parties, HUMAN parties.

Choknat is a lot less sociable, a bit shy. He’s very sweet when he feels like it, but he does have his snooty moods. He doesn’t forgive easily.

Harry is very “childish” in human terms. He thinks he’s still a pup, and hasn’t really gotten over the chewing stage. He’s playful too, and quite possessive about his toys. And since he’s childish, he forgives easily unlike his brother Choknat. Harry and his brother are opposites, actually.

Like people, I don’t think these brief descriptions are enough to encompass my dogs’ personalities. But as you can see, each of them has certain qualities other than physical stuff that can distinguish them from one another.

Hello world!

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And hello indeed. The title is overused (every single default installation of WordPress has this), but I really think it best describes what this post is all about: Pinoy Dog-Lover saying hello to the world!

Welcome to the Pinoy Dog-Lover blog!

At a glance, I would think it’s pretty obvious what this blog will be all about: DOGS. I love dogs, and I would like to share my experiences with my pooches to the world. Before anything though… I am NOT a vet. So please don’t even think of asking me for remedies on your dogs’ problems.

Anyway, I have a lot in store for this blog so please do come back regularly for updates! If you’d like to know more about this site, go here.

Welcome to Pinoy Dog-Lover. Feel free to explore the blog, and let's talk about those furry creatures we all love: DOGS!