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Doggie Day Fair 2

Pet Fashion & Trends Week at the ATC

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One of the longest events held for pets, Pet Fashion & Trends Week at the Alabang Town Center was officially opened last yesterday — Sunday, 30 September 2012.

Pet Fashion and Trends Week at Alabang Town Center

It was the first time my husband Marc and I went to Alabang Town Center (ATC) together, so we thought it best not to bring any of the dogs along. But that’s ok… Pet Fashion & Trends Week, as the name connotes, is a week-long event! We’ll be there on Saturday again, so Shantee still has a chance to check out ATC 🙂

Ribbon Cutting

After the ribbon cutting, we were treated to a delicious cocktail prepared by the organizers. There was a raffle and an auction of custom dog clothes made with Filipino materials such as abaca. Maita Lu of Baby Moon Pawprints also gave us a tour of the Pet Fashion & Trends Week exhibit.

Exhibit at ATC

Drop by Pet Fashion & Trends Week! See what’s in store for you:


  • Dog Boutique Hotel Exhibit
  • Pet Blessing
  • Pet Bazaar
  • Free Rabies Vaccine Shots
  • Seminars and Talks
  • Fashion Shows
  • Competitions: Grooming Competitions, Project Catwalk – Original Pet ensemble competition, Trendsetter – Modeling competition
  • Pet Club Picnic

Tuesday, October 2
– Nutrition Day and (4pm) – Location: Exhibit area. Talks on Proper Nutrition and diet. Question and Answer – Ask a vet on proper pet nutrition
– Free rabies vaccination shots
– Announcement of finalists for Project Catwalk and Trendsetter

Wednesda, October 3
Pet Club Day. Starts 4pm onward. Where various pet clubs gather and get to know other pet clubs in an informal picnic

Participants of the Picnic
1. Baby Moon Pawprints
2. Paws n’ Tails/ Mae Domingo
3. LROC & Pets4Peace
4. Pawsh Couture
5. Café Bed
6. Sovereign Pet Couture
7. Vitality (Food Tasting)

Thursday October 4
– 4pm: World Animal Day by CARA, games and book launch
– Adoption day

Friday October 5
– Registration and set-up of Grooming Competition (1pm to 3pm)
– Grooming Competition Starts at 3pm (may end by 7pm)

Saturday October 6
3:00pm: Welcome to Fashion Day, What is Pet Friendly Couture
4:00pm: Trendsetter Modeling Competition
5:00pm: Filipino Fusion Fashion Show by Pets4Peace and Ezydog
5:30pm: Project Cat Walk
6:00pm: Divine by Baby Moon Pawprints
7:00pm: Awards Night

Competitions to be Awarded:
1. Picture Paw-fect Winners
2. Trendsetter Modeling Competition
3. Project Cat Walk
4. special awards
5. Zalora’s Models awards

I’ll be posting more photos from the opening on Dog Fashionista, so please do watch out for them 🙂

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