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Doggie Day Fair 2

Photo day Sunday: “Looking forward”

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I’m redesigning this blog soon, so I thought of adding a new site feature as well: Photo Day Sunday. I was just going through my offline photo archive, and I realized that I just have a lot of dog photos just waiting to be published. So I thought I’d share them, one post at a time, every Sunday.

Let’s start with an old photo of Sheero and Tootie I really liked… Sheero and Tootie: Looking forward

Sheero and Tootie: Looking \"forward\"

You see, Sheero and Tootie used to be great friends when Sheero was still alive. Tootie was older, so when Sheero came along, Tootie took her under her wing. She would defend Sheero whenever other dogs would try to fight with her—I think Tootie knew Sheero was at a disadvantage; Sheero was our smallest dog before Shantee came along.

Tootie was very sad when Sheero passed away last year 🙁

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