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Please help find Cocoa

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Please help find Cocoa

A fellow dog-lover approached me with a plea for help: her elderly dog, Cocoa, has been missing since March 8. He was wearing a colorful dog tag bearing his name, his owners’ address and their phone number. The owner of Cocoa (koh-koh) shares that through their own investigation, they were able to discern that a vehicle was spotted stealing dogs from homeowners.

Weeks after the dog’s disappearance, somebody spotted Cocoa being sold in a pet shop near their village. A friend of the owner posed as a customer to check it out, but unfortunately, he’s been told that Cocoa had already been sold to another buyer for Php10,000.

To make matters worse, the 6-year-old Black Pomeranian has a heart condition: he has an enlarged heart, and needs specific care.

Should you see Cocoa, kindly contact the owner at 0917-847-1989 or bring him to his veterinarian at St. Joseph Veterinary, 185 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque (red gate). Cocoa was last seen at F. Cruz St., Ph. 3 BF Homes, Parañaque (street of PCJ Parish). The owners offer a reward for his return.

* Photos provided by Cocoa’s owners.

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  • steph

    Poor dog. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and hope somebody turns him over as soon as possible. May I also request you to wish this man luck. Here’s an article about him,

  • that’s so sad! 🙁

    a friend’s black pom (exactly same breed!) was dognapped as well maybe a month ago at the Luneta area 🙁

  • trina

    in case anybody finds cocoa, please contact 0917-5378253 instead. 0917-8471989 has been disconnected. thank you.

  • renee

    i feel rly bad for Cocoa and the owner. I know how painful and just really painful to lost a well-loved dog. I lost my JRT last year. I went looking EVERYWHERE. I was heart-broken and grew depressed for the longest time. I hope the owner finds Cocoa. I’ll pray for you guys.

  • trina

    thanks renee.

  • cocoa is so cute!!!!!!!if i were in ur situation..i would really get crazy if i could not him cocoa…i hope someone would find cooca and give it back to you…

  • dog LOVER!!!

    I’m so sorry!!! If this happened to my dogs I would be SOOOOO sad! God bless Cocoa and her owner!!

  • we were unable to find him. 🙁 we even sought the help of psychics who said cocoa was sick and dying last june. we have no idea how he is now. 🙁 but should you encounter him, please contact us at 0917-5378253. please keep him in your prayers too. we’ll truly miss him especially this christmas season. and he would’ve turned 7 in january. :,(

    • Gail

      I am so sorry to hear that, Trina 🙁

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