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Doggie Day Fair 2

Shantee and Kubrick at PAWS Scaredy Cats and Dogs

Every year, the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) holds an annual pets and kids costume contest just before Halloween. All proceeds went to PAWS, while everyone who registers and participates will have a day of fun for their pets and kids. I don’t usually have time to come up with costumes for my pets, but this year, my sister and I thought it would be interesting to join and found the time to create costumes for Shantee and Kubrick.

Kubrick came as a Steamed Shrimp (with a matching giant salad fork), while Shantee (being the brat she sometimes is) went with a “non-weird” Rainbow Brite costume. Kubrick’s patience wearing the shrimp gear paid off though. He won the Crypt Keeper’s Choice (Most Original Costume)! Yay, Kubrick!

Shantee loves attention, so you can expect she’d throw a tantrum seeing Kubrick get noticed by everyone — and she did! She didn’t like Kubrick getting called on stage before her to show the judges his costume (tantrum 1), and she most definitely did not like Kubrick going up on stage again to receive his award (tantrum 2). She was in a horrible mood until the next day, she really didn’t like Kubrick getting more attention than she did 😀

It was a fun event, and we’ll definitely be back next year! Hopefully, we’ll have time to come up with a better costume for these two 🙂

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