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Doggie Day Fair 2

The Grumpler in the Crumpler!

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The adorable Grumpler is in the Crumpler logo:

The Grumpler Dog in the Crumpler logo

Shantee was already getting grumpy and pissy by the time we took this pic yesterday at Serendra in Bonificio Global City. The sales ladies were kind enough to let Shantee pose on their huge logo sculpture outside the Crumpler store, and it wasn’t just because Marc bought a ridiculously expensive camera-laptop backpack from them. They found her cute, even if she was already getting grumpy. I guess Shantee was tired by that time and wanted to get some beauty sleep πŸ˜›

This pic is one of my favorite Shantee photos so farβ€”a grumpy-looking dog in the Crumpler logo πŸ˜€ Anyhoo, click here if you’d like to see more of Shantee’s morning adventure in Serendra!

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