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Doggie Day Fair 2

The white-furred demon

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Sheero sneaking a sinister look at Peter the Hamster

That’s Peter the Hamster on the foreground.

If you’re an avid fan of the TV series, Supernatural, you’d know about the Yellow-Eyed Demon. Well, we have our own White-Furred Demon: Sheero!

Although Sheero and I have been trying to schedule a regular “walk-the-Sheero” task (in our desperate attempt to get fit), Sheero’s still neglecting her job. She’s a hunter, and yet, she seems to be “hunting” the wrong sort of rodent in our house. Admittedly, I haven’t seen any rats scurrying around the house for the past few months, but she’s been focusing her attention where she shouldn’t: Marc‘s hamsters.

The hamsters consider Sheero a menace now. I don’t think she’d like to eat them, after all, she did catch the rats and just killed them (and “offered” them to me when she felt like it). She’s severely drawn to the hamsters, and from what it looks like, she just wants to play with them (which, obviously, can kill the hamster).

Marc has been accusing Sheero of killing and eating (oh, how horrible!) his hamster, whereas I honestly think it got away. I know my dog. She won’t hide her “crime,” she’d actually brag about it and show me how she killed the “rat.”

What do you think? Do you think Sheero ate Abe-ster?

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