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Doggie Day Fair 2

Wagtales: A social media app for dog-lovers!

Can’t believe it’s been almost two years since my last blog post. I think I got lazy leading up to 2016, but from then on till now? I just didn’t have the heart to blog here. I’ve lost Kubrick, Pinoy Dog-Lover’s unofficial poster furboy, and it’s been hard. I can’t bring myself to blog about it yet—the pain is still fresh even after a year—but I’ll get there.

I’d like to jump-start this blog again, and give it a whole new look. My new design and branding for Pinoy Dog-Lover is long overdue. I lost the will to finish it when Kubrick passed away. Perhaps now, I’ll be able to—it has been a year, after all.

In the meantime, let me feature something new for you dog-lovers out there: Wagtales, a new mobile app made specifically for dog-lovers in the Philippines.

Wagtales is an app by LEENTech Network Solutions, Inc. To quote the official description on the iTunes store:

Wagtales is an application where you can find everything you need as a dog lover. Search dogs nearby to find the perfect match for your dog. Directory of veterinarians, breeders, pet groomers to dog supplies. Whether you’re an owner or just admire pups, Wagtales is the go-to-app.

That’s really interesting, considering how many dog owners (and dog-lovers) there are here in the Philippines. But what’s even more interesting is the fact that Wagtales is partners with animal welfare organizations like PAWS, and the best ever group, CARA Welfare Philippines (I’m a senior volunteer for CARA, so obviously, I’m biased).

Aside from being able to create a profile and share stuff a la Facebook, you can also browse featured, ready-for-a-forever-home dogs from CARA and PAWS. You inquire about adopting them there, but of course, you’ll still need to go through the adoption process. After all, it’s not just our goal to have the dogs adopted out, but to make sure that they go to the right owners.

Wagtales was officially launched last May 7th. I’m afraid I wasn’t able to go, but the Wagtales team were kind enough to provide us with the press release and some event photos. Check them out below!


The grand launch of the Wagtales app happened yesterday, May 07, 2017 (Sunday) at One Esplanade. The event started at 3:30 PM hosted by Mr. Rico Robles from RX 93.1. We started with a game called Bring me the Dog! and the prizes was care of FUR MAGIC. Guests came in as early as 2PM. We had celebrities such as Chris Cantada, Elisse Joson, Eric Ejercito, Hazel Aquilon, Renz Fernandez and many more! We also had medias from, ABS-CBN News and Some bloggers were present as well namely Lee Branche Carpio, Aileen Siwa, Sue Jose, Jinkee Umali and Ruel Umali. We had sponsors as well, Dr. Jomar and Dra. Gen Castro from ask a vet wherein they give free consultation during the whole event, Playbow and Pup Culture which offers doggie day care and hotel, Bowhouse which sells unique doggie beds, Wholepet Kitchen who offers dog catering, PAWS and CARA. The event was designed by Awesome Events.

The program started with a Welcome Remarks from the Wagtales’ chairman Mr. Jay Bernardo followed by the presentation of what the app is all about by Mr. Richard Prodigalidad from Leentech Systems he is the creator of the App then followed by a small talk and demo from the famous Pinoy Dog Whisperer Mr. Lestre Zapanta with his dog A’quiya. After which, we had our first wooffle draw prizes care of Pup Culture and Playbow worth 5k GCs. The next one, we had a video presentation from one of our partners PAWS about Spay and Neutering followed by PAWSHION Show sponsored by Ms. Natalie Reyes owner of Wagging Tails Wear. There were 6 doggie models for this part ramping on stage together with their owners wearing the Bandana.

Next was a video presentation from one of our partners, CARA. We showed a video supporting their campaign for “Save the Laguna Pit Bulls” to show awareness and promote the adoption.

After the video, we had our next wooffle draw care of Bowhouse they sell different kinds of Dog Beds and we had 4 winners for this wooffle draw followed by another wooffle draw wherein it is also sponsored by Bowhouse. This part was the grand prize and we had 1 winner for this wooffle which is Elisse Josson from PBB. Lastly, the highlight of the event awarding the Wagtales Dog prizes care of Fur Mom’s, Pet Impressions and Playbow.

We ended the event with a closing message from our CEO, Ms. Jinri Park explaining why she came up with this app. She became emotional during this part as she remembers her dog who passed away a year ago and thanking everyone who attended the event especially the ones who helped her to make her dreams come true which is influencing all dog owners to make their dogs happy.

ASK A VET by Dr. Jomar and Jen Castro
AWESOME EVENTS – Venue design, Catering, Lights and Sounds, Photo booth.

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