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Doggie Day Fair 2

Welcome, Shantee!

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Join the Pinoy Dog-Lover gang in welcoming the newest member of our family, Shantee!

Little Shantee

Shantee is an Imperial Shih Tzu (or commonly called here in the Philippines as “Princess type” Shih Tzu), more than two months old. She’s as feisty as our darling Sheero, but way friendlier (Sheero had snobby tendencies hehe). All of our other dogs like her—Choknat and Harry seem to take her under their wing.

Shantee has been with us for more than a week now, but I haven’t really had the heart to blog about her here since Sheero’s passing. I felt like I would be “disrespecting” Sheero’s memory if I did—after all, it was this blog that made Sheero a star.

But, life goes on. Besides, Sheero wouldn’t have wanted me to shut down this blog—she knows how important blogging is to me. 🙂

Anyway, I wrote about Sheero and Shantee first on my personal blog, Kutitots. That blog was inspired by Sheero, Harry, Choknat, and the rest of the gang, but mostly Sheero. I thought it was only fitting that I introduced Shantee there first, since that was the blog where Sheero was first featured as well. I know this sounds weird, but I felt that out of respect for Sheero’s memory, I should introduce Shantee there first before here. It’s hard to explain really, but it’s just a feeling, you know? Besides, it wouldn’t writing about Shantee on both blogs anyway 😛

So there. Please welcome… SHANTEE!!!!!

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