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Doggie Day Fair 2

We’re still alive and kicking!

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Yep, that’s right. We are still very much alive folks. Our account was compromised last month (the watch dog must have been asleep when it happened), and it took a while before I finally had the heart to re-install everything wiped out during the cleanup. As you can see, there still might be some missing stuff on the sidebar, but please don’t mind them. I’m hoping to fix the entire blog soon.

I initially wanted to be ready with the new theme before I installed the old one at the start of the year, but well, life happened 🙂

There will be some changes around here (content-wise, especially), so do keep coming back for updates! The redesign might not happen anytime soon, but we’ll definitely make some changes on the editorial side. Frankly, I’ve been getting tired of blogging only about events. Don’t get me wrong, my dogs and I LOVE the events. But I miss the kind of blogging I did back in the early days of Pinoy Dog-Lover — just everything and anything about my pets, nothing else. So yep, you’ll be seeing more of them this year!

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